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Musicinfo knows the value of collaboration and works with music promotion companies around the globe to provide the best value and expertise for our members. Our partnerships allow us to exclusively distribute and promote our artists’ music in regions such as China where other music distribution/promotion services like Tunecore don’t operate. We understand the ins and outs of music advertisement, so with Musicinfo you can rest assured that your music will reach the widest possible audience regardless of where you’re located.

Taihe Music Group

Taihe Music Group is our distribution and promotion partner in China. It is also the largest record label in China and can offer huge opportunities for artists it has selected from our catalogue.
As a high-quality music services organization in China, TAIHE MUSIC GROUP is a high-quality brand in the cultural and creative industry and a high-quality enterprise in the music industry. Promoting the development of the music industry has always been the mission and responsibility of the Taihe Music Group.
Over the years, with its outstanding influence and creativity, Taihe Music Group has built a pan-entertainment ecosystem based on “artist services, copyright distribution, audio-visual services, offline live show organization, fan community, integrated marketing” to provide artists a wide range of services.
From Mainland China, Taihe Music Group is one of the biggest Asia-leading music service company, and affecting the world. Taihe Music Group owns music labels such as Taihe Rye, Ocean Butterflies, Touch Publishing, AsiaMuse, Maybe Mars, as well as online music services, e.g., Qianqian Music, Owhat, Lava Music and other interactive service platforms. Taihe Music Group provide music lifeline chain from music content producing to actively cross-channel promotions.

Musicdish China

MusicDish*China 独立小炒 is a creative and music agency based in NYC and Beijing, focused on promoting and producing live music events across China.

DDC Dusk Dawn Club

Dusk Dawn Club, aka DDC is a Beijing hutong live music venue. DDC is making an open and independent cultural platform, originating from independency, futurism, globalization, DDC combines music, contemporary art, photography, literature, film and outdoor, to form a new cultural lifestyle space for young people. Since its opening in 2014, DDC has won many important livehouse awards, and became one of the most popular music venues in Beijing. DDC’s own indie label Dusk Dawn Label (DDL) has an authentic taste and sharp artistic style, its uniqueness has drew attention to both local and international music scene, and DDL is emerging to be an unstoppable force.

International Singer-Songwriters' Association

This is the place where singer-songwriters and industry professional come to acknowledge and support each other’s musical endeavors and achievements. ISSA’s prestige is represented by a global international community of caring like-minded professionals sharing their knowledgeable feedback and constant assistance. It has built a network of over 60 approved radio stations ready to share your voice and music. The hard work of all its members are highlighted in an annual awards ceremony that will be held this year on the 3rd of August.


Get your songs mastered instantly and cost-effectively with CloudBounce. CloudBounce provides the most versatile online mastering service for musicians in 70+ countries. You can also get human mastering from their exclusive partner Abbey Road Studios.


In Europe's biggest music store you'll find a huge range of instruments as well as studio-, light- and sound technology. We have the most popular brands, low-priced alternatives, and many free extras for musicians. The music store trusted by our employees because of their fast and transparent customer service.


The next generation of music collaboration is connecting your recording studio virtually, and your DAW directly with Sessionwire, basically supped up Skype for your DAW. Free sign up and trial 14 for days. Record, mix, and collaborate live with others anywhere in the world using any recording software for macOS, Windows coming soon!


Tunetrax is a one-stop music platform where musicians build successful careers. Tunetrax lets artists upload and share their songs, videos, photos, blogs, newsletters and upcoming shows, all shareable instantly onto all major social media networks. Tunetrax Music Discovery platform provides powerful tools to musicians to promote their music, connect with booking agents and venues, and engage directly with fans, via one simple dashboard! All Musicinfo customers who become Pro and Premium clients of Tunetrax will receive one-on-one consultation from the career development team at Tunetrax to get your EPK and careers the required expertise.

1/ If you ARE already a registered Tunetrax artist, Please send us an email request to with “China” in your email subject line and the link to your Tunetrax Artist Profile. Our team will review your request and be in contact with you.

2/ If you are NOT yet a Tunetrax Artist, and a Musicinfo client please register to the site, and enter the following referral code “MUSICINFO” during your registration. When completed, our team will review your artist profile and be in contact with you.


Bookya dynamically links all players in the electronic music market together by displaying which DJ was booked by which promoter for which event & where. It's storing information on 50k DJs, 1400 booking agencies, 5000 promoters and 8500 venues.


Musicinfo has now partnered with Syncr, a company providing independent artists the possibility to get their music featured in major TV series, movies, radio shows, and more. Musicinfo’s customers will get 50% discount from first month of Syncr premium service.

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