Anti-fraud Policy

1. Acknowledge

By using the Music.Info Finland Ltd. Webstore and website (Site), you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept the legal provisions in these terms and conditions (Terms).

All materials on this website are protected by copyright and other laws and are the property of Musicinfo. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, modify or share any content on this site to a third party.

The information contained in these Terms is subject to change without notice, Musicinfo reserves the sole right to occasionally change these Terms. Please check these Terms regularly if you are a regular Musicinfo website user.

By submitting a purchase order for Musicinfo Music Video Distribution, Social Media Promotion and Social Media Promotion Pro Services (as defined below), the Customer agrees to be bound by these Terms. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Musicinfo, no other terms and conditions shall be endorsed. These Terms are applicable in respect of the Service between Musicinfo and Customer.

2. Anti-fraud Policy

This Anti-Fraud Policy sets a course of action for the Account Holders of our platform and services, and defines the actions taken and consequences of Fraudulent behaviour.

Account Holder: Is the person or legal entity that has entered into a contractual relationship with Music.Info Oy for the use of the musicinfo distribution platform, accepting the Terms of Use and providing content that will be made available to DSPs. The Account Holder is responsible for all content provided by any content creator that they represent and whose content is distributed under the respective account of the Account Holder.

Account Holder Account: Accounts owned and/or created by Account Holders.

We or Us are the providers of the service, Music.Info Oy (Musicinfo).

DSP: Digital Streaming Platform (such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, QQ or Netease, etc.) or any other channel connected to Us by a contractual relationship, including also Content ID providers.

Fraud: Any activity contrary to the Law, the DSP Policies and/or our own. We will categorize the following activities as Fraud, under the section: Types of Fraud.

Royalties: Economic income/revenue that corresponds to the original(s) rightsholder(s). We differentiate between “legitimate royalties” which are the result of an actual and rightful exploitation of any content, and “illegitimate royalties” which are the result of any fraudulent exploitation or activity that generates illicit and unrightful income.


Fraud Detection and Repercussions

Musicinfo has a zero tolerance for any fraudulent activity by any Account Holder or content creator of the content provided by the Account Holder..

Our objective is to eliminate fraudulent activities. Any indications of fraud will be rigorously investigated and dealt with in a firm and controlled way.

Every release will need to pass our Quality Check process which is designed to identify the use of fraudulent metadata. Release data is crosschecked against existing artist profiles, Account Holder information, social media and other internet footprints to detect possible irregular activity. All sound files and artwork are matched against several databases to avoid multiple uploads of the same content, uploads of “white noise”, “empty songs”, “copyrighted materials” and, in general, any unauthorized activity.

DSPs use a mix of algorithms and human resources to scan their catalog to avoid potential fraud or unauthorized and artificial streams and abusive use of their service. Once they have identified fraudulent activity they take down the content and inform us about the case, reserving the right to withhold from future payments the amounts previously generated through suspicious activities.

In the case that we detect or have suspicions of any fraudulent activity we will contact the Account Holder to explain or provide necessary documents proving their right to distribute the content. Releases will not be published until it has passed the Quality Check.

If an Account Holder is found to have acted against this policy and the Terms of Use, we retain the right to terminate the Account Holder Account and remove all content from the DSPs and the Musicinfo distribution platform.

Revenues received in connection with content that has been found to violate the Terms of Use will be blocked and withheld from the Account Holder. The Account Holder will be held responsible for any costs incurred by us or our providers, including legal fees and expenses, in connection with any fraudulent or infringing activities accountable by the Account Holder.


Types of Fraud (including but not limited to)


·   An Account Holder Account profile contains fake or deliberately incomplete information or unauthorized content and/or information that belongs to a third party.

·   Repeated, inconsistent IP activity versus declared country or address of origin on any given Account Holder Account.

·   Account Holders, when required to present documents of any kind, send falsifications and/or deceptive, suspicious documents.

·   Any other signs that any Account Holder is deliberately trying to avoid a correct identification or validation of identity or address.

·   Any Account Holder Account generating royalties without having any detailed profile information in “My account” page.

·   An Account contains releases from unknown artists which are generating a considerable number of streams (Click Fraud) or views and subsequently, revenues in a short period of time without a minimum, credible fanbase to support it.

·   Any sudden, suspicious uplift in sales without corresponding numbers in profile views or social media activity to support it.

·   Any signs of intention to take advantage of well known artists’ names, song titles or other copyrighted audiovisual content to attract consumers to click (Misleading).

·   Hiring a Streaming/Followers Growth Service in order to generate artificial, unnatural, revenue and popularity.

·   Whenever an impersonation of any artist, recording company, unauthorized use of trademarks, distinctive signs, song or album titles, etc., is confirmed.

·   A release contains copyrighted material from a Rightsholder who did not grant publishing permission to the Account Holder.

·   We received a content infringement notification from a DSP and/or any third party in relation to a content that has been sent to DSP.

·   We receive a direct infringement claim from the original Rightsholder or his/her representative.

·   Insert of an own original content within or among a third party’s original copyrighted content, with the intention of taking advantage of such content’s popularity, in order to generate higher income.

·   Artificial Streams/Plays applied to abusive usage DSPs (i.e. the use of bots to generate false plays of a monetized content).

·   Any sudden, suspicious uplift in sales related to DSPs, without plausible reason.

·   The unauthorized exploitation of material protected by Copyright (Copyright Infringement).

·   The infringement of any Law that regulates the ownership of the legal right holders.

·   Distributing a release for which you are not authorised to distribute.

·   Distributing recordings with uncleared samples.

·   Any bootleg content.

·   The use of incorrect data including but not limited to artist, band, contributor or label names and artwork used to mislead or create false expectations of the content provided by the Account Holder, which may give a commercial advantage.

·   Deception through the creation of multiple Musicinfo accounts.

·   Fraudulent enrichment through artificially boosting streams or downloads including but not limited to the use of automated digital bots, click fraud, or other means to “click” on payment-generating links impersonating consumers, producing unnatural and fraudulent incomes.

·   The upload of distorted music, silenced songs, or with any other deceptive features to generate revenues, and other unauthorized activities which are in breach with the Terms of Use and/or the agreements we have with DSPs.

·   The use of manual or automated resources, bots or any other means with the intention to stream and monetize DSP content in violation with DSP terms and conditions.


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