Best digital music distribution to China with over 50 streaming services. Gain a new audience, secure your copyright and collect your royalties.


When you sign up you get a lifetime account which allows you to manage unlimited artists. With only a one time fee per release (as low as 2.50$ USD per release with the Platinum Plan) and 85% royalties, every release gives you the power to go to China and sync-license, distribute worldwide or have it all. The choice is yours. With 70+ DSPs worldwide and 20+ Chinese DSPs your advantage has never been better. Every release can have up to 50 tracks, includes ISRC and UPC codes or you can use your own. All releases will be checked for copyright credibility, including sound files, artwork and all accompanying data and metadata for authenticity and accuracy.
Full Distribution List


Secure your music & get paid


Establish your fanbase get more fans


Take control of your distribution



29€ ≈ $32


  • Onetime fee
  • One Release (up to 50 tracks)
  • Top Tier Service



59€ ≈ $64


  • Onetime fee
  • 3 Releases (up to 50 tracks per release)
  • Top Tier Service



99 € ≈ $105


  • Onetime fee
  • 10 Releases (up to 50 tracks per release)
  • Top Tier Service & 2 hours individual consultation


249 € ≈ $265


  • Onetime fee
  • 100 Releases (up to 50 tracks per release)
  • Top Tier Service & Dedicated Account Manager

Please contact us to request a customised Diamond plan if you have more than 100 releases.

* Please fill the form Request offer. We will contact you within 2-5 days.

Musicinfo distribution platform tutorial

Easy to use Distribution Platform

You don’t need to be a pro to use our music distribution platform! It’s an easy and effective music sharing tool made for everyone. Manage, edit and follow your song's/release's performance from one dashboard.

Distribute to over 20 DSPs in China and over 70 DSPs Worldwide!

Access not only to TME and Netease but 20+ more boutique services, internet radio, short video libraries in China. All from one platform you access Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Qobuz, Tidal, Anghami, Boomplay, and more.

Musicinfo distribution services

Sync License your Music to TV Series and Movies

By distributing your music through us, you will have the opportunity for music synchronization licensing in China with various visual media, such as: movies, TV series, advertisement and video games. Sync Licensing will help you boost your artist profile and income to an entirely new level.

Musicinfo distribution services
Musicinfo Distribution Chart Establish your Fanbase in China & The World!

The best distribution to China in the world. Includes global services for no extra cost

You may distribute your music to our 20+ channels even if your already have your music on TME (QQ, Kuwo and Kugou) and Netease. Full Distribution List

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