Promote your music in China with over 800,000 social media users. Increase visibility for your music with music video distribution and playlist placement.


Connect your streaming music, video and playlist links through your social media posts. Reach a potential audience of nearly one billions users. We translate your text to Chinese, customize content and localize engagement. You get Top Tier Service with no annual or maintenance fees. If your music is not already streaming in China, start with one of our Distribution Subscriptions.
Step #1 Choose and purchase your plan. Check to see if your music is already in China.
Step #2 Check your email for your password to access the Distribution Platform
Step #3 Go to the Distribution Platform, upload your song info and publish your promotion/video.


Maximize your visibility and your music.


Grow your fanbase in China.


Increase streaming circulation and revenue.



49€ Onetime Fee ≈ $59


  • Share ONE music video to, QQ video, Youku, Xigua, Toutiao, Kuaishou, Douyin and BiliBili.
  • Reach up to 850 million online video users.


29€ Onetime Fee ≈ $35


  • ONE post (max 100 words in English) and images (max 5) to Weibo.
  • Reach up to 523 million users.
  • Share your Chinese streaming music, video, and playlist links.



59€ Onetime Fee ≈ $72


  • ONE post (max 500 words in English) and images (max 5) to all Tencent media channels including, WeChat, Tencent News, QQ Kandian and Kuai Bao.
  • Reach up to 1.1 billion users.
  • Share your Chinese streaming music, video, and playlist links.


125€ one track per playlist ≈ $148


  • Get your music on an active popular playlist on Netease Cloud Music the most popular streaming service for Western music in China.
  • Your track can collect comments, be shared, and get to other playlists.
  • Placement for at least one month.

Monthly Promotion. Contact us and we will build you a customized monthly promotion plan for the Chinese music market


Localized Promotion.

Amplify your digital music distribution with blog posts on the largest social media channels in China. Our native Chinese editors will translate your text and ensure the content is suitable for your target audience. Embedded music and music video in your posts will return a truly noticeable increase in streams, views and shares.

* Example of our Tencent (left, middle) and Weibo (right) posts.

Playlist Placement

Playlist your music on Netease Cloud Music, the most popular streaming service for Western music in China with over 800 million users. Playlists can have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers and tens of millions or streams. In Netease, you can see instant results in comments and likes. You can also interact with fans by answering their comments.


Promote to most popular social media and video channels in China

Service providers in China.

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