Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to make artists’ dream of performing in China reality. We work tirelessly to distribute and promote our artists’ personality and music through the most extensive services available to us on this side of the Great Wall. We are the bridge to mainland China for western artists, producers and record labels. Our reach in China is unmatched.

We are musicians working for musicians and understand our customers need to focus on the creation of their art. We give our full attention in our customer support and current trends in the industry to keep you best informed. We believe, with our consideration in the hearts of the individual we will collectively benefit the music industry at its whole.

For the love music!


Our Team

Our dedicated team ensure our customers to always have a personal point of contact. Not only do they have our users best interest at heart, all of them have a background in music which allows them to connect to the everyday usage of our service.

Kari Halttunen

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder and serial entrepreneur. Kari’s mission is to be the facilitator who helps you to commercialize your music in China. He has 25+ years track record in business development and management, in for example messaging and value-added services. High-grade competence from Ubicom -solutions, mobility, ICT technology and start-up businesses, to IT systems, platforms, software, embedded devices and communications.

Marko Niemi

Chief Operations Officer

Responsible for operational development. Broad vision and experience in ICT technology and operational leadership and management. Likes to be involved where innovating and applying technology are in place, and it build products and services that improve the company's operation, product and customer experiences.

Han Zhang

Business Development Manager

Responsible for Musicinfo business opportunities development in China and other Asian countries, as well as project oriented market analysis. Han is with ICT and business education background, and has experience in international business in China.

Adnane Doudou

Digital Business Development

Adnane has years of experience in Business Development and Entrepreneurship with strong background in the field of digital marketing, E-commerce, and Business Process. Adnane has founded his own company and worked with several companies in Switzerland and Finland. Currently he is responsible for musicinfo's eCom conceptulisation and implementation. Furthermore, developing marketing actions for French speaking markets.

Santeri Hämäläinen

Key Account Manager

A musicologist, musician and composer, interested in all kinds of music related fields. As a recording, producing and performing artist, he is in contact with musicians in his everyday life, and has a passion in helping talented musicians to succeed. With educational background in physics, programming, music technology, marketing and general musicology, Santeri really has a multidisciplinary approach to music as a phenomenon.

Farrukh Feroze

Marketing Communications

A sports enthusiast having an academic background in engineering, sports and business, Farrukh is responsible for the digital marketing of the brand musicinfo. Aiming to optimize the use of digital media within the entertainment industry.

Juri Kobayashi

Marketing Communications

Life long musician, performer of the classical guitar, and music psychologist with a focused interest in peak musical experiences. Naturalized citizen of Finland, brings his home country of Canada to our base in Jyväskylä.

Teemu Uimonen

Marketing Communications

As a passionate musician, who has played, performed, composed and recorded with numerous bands, Teemu has a lot of experience about the practical side of music. Combined with his studies in musicology, communications, psychology and various languages he has the motivation and tools to spread the message of music all around!

Noamane Chakir

Noamane Chakir

Marketing Communications

a business driven dude with big enthusiasm to life, talkative, nice, and adventure loving. having a big background in marketing and sales especially and customer service with passion to the music industry.

Roope Huotari

Marketing Communications

With educational background in business information systems, Roope is responsible for Musicinfo's digital marketing and graphic design. He also likes to listen heavy metal and attend concerts on his free-time.

Imre Lahdelma

Marketing Communications

An avid music maker with a PhD in musicology, Imre has a deep interest in all things music - he plays the classical piano and the guitar, sings, and composes. Imre has represented the company at international events and conferences, and is helping with creating content for Musicinfo's social media channels. Having a multicultural background with roots in both Finland and Hungary he is the contact person for the Hungarian music scene.

Juliana Jackson

PR & Social Media Management

Juliana, also known as WebFae, is a dynamic individual with exceptional communication, analytical, negotiation, and organizational skills with expertise in the music industry. Being a Manager for a hip-hop artist and having a great knowledge of the hip-hop industry makes Juliana the "go to person" for all our hip-hop artists. Juliana is also an IT geek and a software expert and she loves video-games... but don't tell her we told you that.

Jukka Ahonen


Jukka works as our gig and promotion operator in China. He is a music anthropologist, musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Currently he is composing contemporary classical and playing in various rock groups in the rock capital of China, Beijing. Educational background in ethnomusicology has brought him a broad view in the vast diversity of musics and music cultures around the globe as well as on marketing and producing music culture identities in the transnational world.

Shaydrian Jackson

Customer service and sales

A Hip hop student, enthusiast, and expat who handles the front lines of communication with customers on the daily. With a background in Mass Communications & Human Resources, event planning, and a decade of hip hop artistry of his own, Shaydrian has many years of artist relations experience.

Kari Leskinen

Software Developer

Full-Stack, mobile developer with passion for code. Lifelong computer hardware hobbyist and a starting mobile game developer.

Janne Papunen

Software Developer

Full-stack developer and music enthusiast with entrepreneurial ambition. Passionately interested in the boundary that ties music and mathematics together: computational creativity, so to say. Has experience in business integrations and support work & problem solving in commerce solution platforms. Also a self-taught composer who produces his own music tracks.

Petri Niskanen

Software Developer

Mostly Front-End developer. He started with HTML and PHP, but now he is working with AngularJS. He knows about Python and MySQL/PostgreSQL. He is also interested of Android programming and fixing his cars. Plays some piano and accordion.

Mika Manninen

Software Developer

Started his career front-end developer but nowadays more and more Full-stack developer. He has worked on a variety of projects. And he is a biggest Björk fan in Musicinfo team.

Markku Kovanen

Software Developer

Full-stack developer working mostly with Python and JavaScript. Interested in software freedom, functional programming and theory of computing.

Pasi Karjalainen

UX and Consepts

User experience designer with 15 year experience in ICT industry and education. He has made his career in international companies. He is also enthusiastic heavy metal fan.

We are Growing, Join the Team

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