Artist name:

The Candle Thieves

Music Genre:

Indie pop

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom

The Candle Thieves started life in 2009 in the quiet suburbs of Cambridgeshire, born from the creative and frustrated minds of Scott McEwan and a man who calls himself The Glock. With influences ranging from The Beatles and Beach Boys to The Eels and Ben Folds, the small town pair quickly gained a reputation and cult following from their unique and interactive live performances.

Their mini-pop masterpieces manage to stay on the positive side of melancholy with carefully crafted melodies that will keep you awake at night. Though not a household, or even an allotment space name in the UK, The Candle Thieves are no stranger to taking their music to Europe, America and China.

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The Candle Thieves active streaming services in China

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