Musicinfo Testimonials

Our artists share their experience with Musicinfo


“Working with MusicInfo has been smooth sailing. I’ve been wanting to release my music in China for years, and now it’s possible. The process was also super convenient for artists. Anytime you need help, they will help you and it’s a blessing to have that in a distribution company. They really take care of their artists and I look forward to working with them more in the future. ”


"We’ve been looking for a way to distribute our music in China and we finally found Musicinfo. We couldn’t be happier with the service. Their distribution website works very well and we got quick answers when we had questions. We highly recommend Musicinfo."

Glove Compartment

"Thank you to the team at Musicinfo for their amazing service and professionalism in distributing my music. I'm so grateful to be able to share my songs with the beautiful people of China."

Junes Flow

“To reach an entire different demographic should always be a goal for an emerging music-artists, but to expand to another country speaks volumes! Musicinfo has provided nothing short of what was promised, and have exceeded my expectations by allowing me to share my gift with those of whom I would’ve missed otherwise.”

DV Alias Khryst

“My experience with Musicinfo has been an exciting journey so far. I'm learning more about how to place my music in the China market. I see a great future with myself and Musicinfo.”


“During our tour in China, we noticed that the Chinese audience is very interested of our music. As an independent band, we hadn’t been able to distribute our music in China, but with Musicinfo we now have a possibility to do this. We are sure that this is beneficial to us when considering our next tour in China.”


“Those guys know everything about the Chinese market! I’m happy to work with them!”

Lost in Beijing

“Working with MusicInfo has been a phenomenal experience. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in communication make jumping through all the hoops of China music distribution more than manageable. For any artist with a desire to grow a presence in China, we cannot recommend MusicInfo highly enough!!”

The Von

"It’s been an amazing experience to be an artist represented by Musicinfo. We have been with the company for almost 3 years and the service and friendly approach go the extraordinary. I could call Juri at any time and he would answer and take care of anything I needed it. That’s what I would call an excellence in services.”

Dinu-Mihai Stefan

I have joined MusicInfo late in 2018 and now my music is live with major music distributors in Mainland China. Having my music listed on popular Chinese streaming services has opened me up to great exposure with my new Chinese audience, who now have the opportunity to hear my music and enjoy it to its fullest, which is all very exciting indeed for me.

Navid Gabbay

“Concerning the Chinese Music Market, the best way to get into it is to use Musicinfo services. They call you and take time to be sure that your Music will have the best promotion possible. Answering all of the questions you might have, very quickly and seriously via email. They also take good care of your image and Chinese career!”

Hogan Cooper

”A massive part of my hopes are on far, they're looking after me excellently...Thanx Musicinfo.....DR.DEAN-I...aka..Hogan Cooper....Shockwave Emporium Production.”

James Bussey

“Man I can't say enough great about this GREAT platform and especially the customer support FROM Juliana ... Juliana was great she remain calm and treated me like I was V.I.P. and not an artist ... She response was always quick and she stay available for questions and updates .. GREAT JOB MAN ...”

Tinku Bhattacharyya

“The team at Musicinfo are AWESOME!!! Juliana provides incredible artist support. One of the most data oriented digital distributors out there. Really glad we signed up.”

Vlad in Tears

”YES! Great team great people!”

Bart Bragg

”This company is going to get big, fast. I've had amazing results and have been on it for less than a week. Love watching my streams go up every day and love the price and simplicity of uploading songs for distribution. Quality all around.”

Up Rite Lions

”Juliana is the best from Musicinfo. Customer service was great website was simple to understand and we are looking forward to working with musicinfo further and having our music available to a new audience.”

Bastian Lee Jones

”It is a great opportunity and great service! Many thanks!”

Stage of Reality Andrea Neri

”Really good service made by nice people!!”

Lovell Brooks

“Great service!!! I love what they're doing!”

KG-Chi Chi Elements

“Musicinfo has expanded our market reach in terms of our music distribution …Professional service always delivering the best!”

Carlos Cuban Montero

“The honesty and integrity Juliana showed me is like no other... she is truly amazing and really cares about musicians and the music in general. It's been a blessing to have her in our musicinfo corner fighting for us independent artist!!”

Eric DemiChello Conley

“I love the anticipation of sharing my art to a totally new audience!”

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