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Musicinfo Exclusive Distribution Service Instruction and Agreement concerning Distribution of Your Content to Mainland China via Musicinfo Platform

Welcome to Musicinfo Digital Music Distribution Platform of Music.Info Finland Oy (hereinafter referred to as "Musicinfo Platform")


You have to be at least 18 years old and able to accept this Agreement. Therefore you are required to read the following information under this Agreement to understand Musicinfo Platform and Musicinfo digital music sub-license service and terms of distribution. By using including but not limited to the Music.Info Finland Ltd. (as “Musicinfo”) website, webstore website, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept the legal provisions in these terms and conditions (Terms) and provide your Tracks to exclusive distribution via information network in Mainland China through Musicinfo Platform. Musicinfo sub-licenses your audio recording and musical works which you insert and upload to the Musicinfo Platform (“Content”) to Third Party and its digital service providers located in the Mainland China to whose services the Content are sub-distributed by Third Party. All materials appearing in Musicinfo Platform are protected by copyright and other laws and are property of Musicinfo. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, modify or share any content on this site to a third party.

  • 1. Musicinfo Platform is designed to help you distribute and sub-license your original Content and gain royalty from it.
  • 2. After successfully signing up, you can create your own music management account, music database and publish transaction information on Musicinfo Platform by using the Musicinfo Platform services and other services provided by Music.Info Finland Oy and its partners.
  • 3. You agree to be bound by these Terms. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Musicinfo, no other terms and conditions endorsed upon. These Terms are applicable with respect of the Service between Musicinfo and You. These Terms do not apply to possible contractual relationship between Third Party, different Digital Music Service Providers and Retailers (hereinafter referred to as DSPs).
  • 4. The above Musicinfo services will charge each Independent Artist and Record label an entry fee and yearly fee. In case any other reasonable fees will be charged in the future, you will be notified in advance through legal procedure by reasonable means of communication and will be given a reasonable time before having to make a choice.
  • 5. You can use other music promotion services and statistical tools developed by Musicinfo Platform, including but not limited to video sharing and social media promotion services.
  • 6. Musicinfo shall pay you a royalty rate of 100% of the DSPs Gross Receipts meaning the payments actually received by Musicinfo from Third Party and DSPs after all applicable deductions as defined herein.
  • 7. Considering the above information and with a view to achieving a win-win outcome in the future, Musicinfo hopes that you shall read the following terms under this agreement carefully in order to understand your future interests and duties on Musicinfo Platform and make solemn commitments. If you don't fully agree to or understand any of the following terms, please do not proceed with any further operations.

Service and Distribution Terms

1. Article I General Provisions

  • 1.1. You may not be able to use Musicinfo Platform until you have agreed to the terms under this Agreement, completed the account sign-up procedure following the on-screen prompt, and obtained the approval from Musicinfo Platform.
  • 1.2. By selecting the "I Agree to the All the Above Terms" checkbox below this Agreement and clicking the "Next" button or performing other similar operations, you have hereby agreed to enter into an agreement with Musicinfo Platform (i.e. Music.Info Finland Oy similarly hereinafter) and fully accept all the terms under this Agreement.
  • 1.3. Musicinfo Platform reserves the right to refuse your sign-up request.
  • 1.4. Exclusive distributorship. This co-operation is exclusive in Mainland China. By uploading your Content to Musicinfo Platform, you acknowledge that you own all of the rights (including but not limited to performers' right, producer's right, Artists name(s), photographs, cover artwork, biographical, song and lyrics copyright, etc.) to distribute your Content on the Internet and sub-license such rights to Musicinfo Platform and you authorize Musicinfo to sub-license your Content on exclusive basis to Third Party and DSPs in the Territory. After approving of the uploaded content, Musicinfo Platform will sub-license your Content under this Agreement to DSPs. Such sub-license given by You to Musicinfo under this agreement is exclusive to the Mainland China territory, which means that you cannot distribute the same Content in Mainland China via other distribution channels or by yourself, but you still own the title to music and have the right to license it to other digital music service providers and territories which Musicinfo Platform do not sub-license to, and without prejudice to Musicinfo Platform's right to use your Content under this Agreement.
  • 1.5. Even after you have uploaded your Content to Musicinfo Platform, Musicinfo Platform, in accordance with the actual condition of the Content and policy requirements, reserves the right not to sub-license your Content or provide streaming and downloading to DSPs. Musicinfo Platform also reserves the right to suspend the sub-license of your Content during the process of using your music on DSPs.
  • 1.6. Musicinfo Platform does not guarantee the magnitude of streaming, downloading and revenues generated on DSPs from your Content, which are subject to the market conditions and the popularity of the Content itself. You acknowledge and agree that all decisions concerning distribution activities in the Territory are made by the Third Party and DSPs.

2. Article II Service , Term, Intellectual Property Rights

  • 1.1. You may not be able to use Musicinfo Platform until you have agreed to the terms under this Agreement, completed the account sign-up procedure following the on-screen prompt, and obtained the approval from Musicinfo Platform.
  • 2.1. After successfully creating your user account, you can enjoy a variety of services provided by Musicinfo Platform, including information storage, online playing system and music management tools, etc. With these services, you can offer your Content to DSPs. In addition, you can also use the following services on Musicinfo platform, including but not limited to:
    • - When submitting the Content, you must submit Universal Product Codes (UPC) for the Content, International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC) and The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) for uniquely identifying sound recordings and so on; if you do not have the codes, Musicinfo Platform will generate those codes for you.
    • - Uploading or downloading your Content freely;
    • - Obtaining reliable reports on Content streaming and downloading across DSPs;
    • - Using promotion services and management tools;
  • 2.2. Musicinfo Platform may modify, increase or reduce the services listed under article 2.1 on Musicinfo sole discretion. You shall notice the changes to the services when using the platform and agree that Musicinfo Platform shall have the right to make these changes based on its sole discretion.
  • 2.3. In addition to the services listed under Article2.1, you may be given the following business cooperation opportunities from Musicinfo Platform Value Added Services:
    • - Entering into Musicinfo Platform Ranking or other rankings within the platform;
    • - Promoting your Content on the Musicinfo website;
    • - Participating with online, offline activities and live gigs sponsored by Musicinfo Platform;
    • - Recommending you and your Content to record labels;
    • - Having more music-related business opportunities (endorsements, composition of ad songs, film and TV songs etc.)
  • 2.4. You shall authorize Musicinfo Platform to use your names and approved likenesses of, and biographical material concerning, any artists, bands, producers and/or songwriters, as well as track and/or album name, and all artwork related to your Content or audiovisual works worldwide for marketing purpose, including right to sub-license these rights to DSPs.
  • 2.5. The term of the sub-license granted to Musicinfo Platform is infinite and the license shall be valid until either you or Musicinfo Platform has received an effective written notification from each other providing otherwise three (3) months beforehand. You acknowledge that this co-operation is based on assumption that Musicinfo and Third Party have a valid copyright licensing agreement for musical works effective. Musicinfo has a right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and without any compensation obligation to You, if the Third Party terminates the agreement between Musicinfo and the Third Party for any reason. After termination Musicinfo Platform will also inform our DSPs to remove any and all Content, Clips, Artwork and other materials uploaded via our Website, this process may take from 3 months to 6 months. However, we are not responsible for third party exploitation after we have notified them of your termination.
  • 2.6. You acknowledge and agree that, the status of the Content which you upload to Musicinfo Platform may be either draft or published. For draft Content, you can remove it if necessary. Once published, the Content cannot be removed by yourself as it will enter into the DSPs provided by Musicinfo Platform. To remove any published Content, you need to send Musicinfo a separate request for approval, once your request has been approved, it will take from 3 months to 6 months to remove the Content from all DSPs. However, Musicinfo Platform reserves the right to block your uploaded Content according to the circumstances of the case.
  • 2.7. You hereby warrant that, the Content you upload to Musicinfo Platform (whether draft or published) and its graphic and text elements should not infringe the intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests of any third party. You further acknowledge that, you own full title (including but not limited to song and lyrics copyright, producers' right, performers' right and related income right) to such music or that you have obtained a license from the right holder of such music through third parties, and have the right to grant Musicinfo Platform a sub-license to use such music under this agreement. In the event of publishing music on behalf of your team and other copyright co-owners, you acknowledge that you have obtained approval from your team and other copyright co-owners and honor their legal rights and interests by presenting their signatures and distributing the benefits to them in a reasonable and legitimate manner.
  • 2.8. You acknowledge that, before publishing the Content (whether original or reproduced), you have been granted the performing right as well as the right to use the accompaniment in a legitimate manner.
  • 2.9. The Musicinfo Platform may from time to time sponsor promotional activities through the platform, by which time we will notify you through platform messages or via email. You agree by default that you will participate in the relevant promotional activities sponsored by Musicinfo Platform and authorize Musicinfo Platform the right to user your Content according to the promotion plans. You may also opt out of these promotion activities by sending us email.

3. Article III Royalty Withdraw and Technical Service Fee

  • 3.1. Musicinfo shall pay you a 100% of the Gross Receipts received by Musicinfo from the Third Party with respect the Content. Gross Receipts retained or withheld by DSPs may include, without limitation, taxes and duties, administration fees, fees paid to third parties, wire transfer fees, and credit card processing fees and chargebacks.
  • 3.2. You authorize Musicinfo Platform to collect the revenue generated from DSPs on your behalf. You agree that Musicinfo Platform is a distributor of your original Content and not a retailer. Any sale/sub-licensing of your original music to end users will be made by DSPs. Your original Content will be downloaded/streamed to end users in Territory at a price determined by Musicinfo Platform DSPs. Musicinfo Platform does not guarantee that all royalty will be obtainable in the Territory. The terms and conditions at which an end user consume your music will also be determined by Musicinfo Platform DSPs, but the conditions will always be in accordance to industry standards.
  • 3.2.1. Your original Content will be made available in WAV-format and without Digital Rights Management-systems (DRM), but your original music might be made available in other formats and with DRM-systems.
  • 3.2.2. The price for a single steaming or downloading is on the sole discretion of DSPs. The streaming and downloading transactions can be monitored by reports provided by Musicinfo Platform.
  • 3.2.3. All royalty generated from sales will be paid according to the actual revenues received by Musicinfo Platform from the DSPs. Royalty will be credited to your Musicinfo Platform account around 45 days after we have received payment from DSPs. Once payment has been credited, you will be able to request a withdrawal of Royalty from the account. Musicinfo Platform will then pay the requested amount to your PayPal account within twenty one (21) days.
  • 3.2.4 The amount of the Royalty due and payable with respect to any Billing Quarter is less than EURO Twenty-five (EURO25) (the “Threshold”), then the payment of such Royalty shall be deferred to the next Billing Quarter until the aggregate amount of the Royalty due and payable for all related prior Billing Quarters exceeds the Threshold, provided, however, all amount of the Royalty due and payable (regardless whether it exceeds the Threshold) shall be paid to you. You hereby authorizes Musicinfo Platform to, and Musicinfo shall, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and subject to the applicable laws, report, pay or withhold any tax payable on the Royalty. Any and all Withholding Taxes levied by any tax authorities on the Royalty shall be deducted from the Royalty before the Royalty are paid to you.
  • 3.2.5. You acknowledge and agree that, Musicinfo Platform might not be able to directly pay the royalty to you through PayPal unless your PayPal account has been verified and bound to your Musicinfo Platform account. In case you do not have a PayPal account or have not bound it to your Musicinfo Platform account, you shall send an email to Musicinfo.
  • 3.3. Yearly fee. Musicinfo Platform charge you a yearly fee for the technical services, such as storage space, management tools, system, etc. Please find the details of yearly fees from XXX. Yearly fee will be charged every 12 months after your registration to Musicinfo Platform. In case Musicinfo makes any changes to fee exemption or reduction policy or publishes its charging scheme, through platform messages or emails. The new charging scheme will not take effect unless you agree to it. In case you do not agree, Musicinfo reserves the right to cease the provision of any services to you. Musicinfo Platform charge the yearly fee directly from the credit card you provide to us or from PayPal every 12 months. If we fail to charge yearly fee directly from your credit card or PayPal, we will separately send you an invoice. If you do not pay the yearly fee, Musicinfo Platform may put your Content in On-hold Mode by 3 months. On-hold Mode means that your Content will still be available on DSPs but you cannot make any actions on Musicinfo platform, including but not limited to uploading new Content, albums until you pay the Yearly fee. If On-hold mode is activated, it will be removed the first day in the calendar month following your payment. On-hold Mode is always active the first day of calendar month following the 12th month of your last Yearly fee or the agreement signed. After On-hold Mode MusicInfo Platform will also inform our DSPs to remove any and all your Content uploaded via Musicinfo Platform during 14 days. However, we are not responsible for third party exploitation after we have notified them of your termination.
  • 3.4. You acknowledge and agree that all fees under this Agreement shall be paid in Euro. You are responsible for any bank fees, currency exchange fees or other charges related to withdrawals or payments of royalty to you. Musicinfo Platform may deduct such fees and charges from any royalty owed to you.

4. Article IV Rights and Obligations. Warranties and Indemnification.

  • 4.1. You should indemnify Music.Info Finland Oy for any losses, including but not limited to direct loss, indirect loss, lost expectation interest, administrative fines, settlement fees, compensations, legal costs, notarial fees and attorney fees, arising out of or relating to your breach or violation of this Agreement.
  • 4.2. You understand that, the information network dissemination right is independent of the distribution right of physical vinyl record/CD/cassette. Therefore, you may join Musicinfo Platform as long as you own the information network dissemination right, irrespective of whether you own the agency right of the physical album.
  • 4.3. You acknowledge and agree that, your Content is free from any alleged plagiarism, otherwise you will be considered as violating this Agreement.
  • 4.4. You acknowledge and agree that, if you no longer own the right (i.e. you have no right to provide your Content for streaming and downloading service online), you should remove the Content by yourself or promptly notify the staff from Musicinfo Platform to remove it from Musicinfo Platform. In case you exclusively license the network dissemination right to the record labels or agencies, you should notify the staff from Musicinfo Platform and help Musicinfo Platform to establish a good cooperative partnership with them. In the meantime, you may use information management tools and data monitoring and analysis services provided by Musicinfo Platform.
  • 4.5.You acknowledge and agree that, when you use the technical services of Musicinfo Platform, your Content might be coded or decoded by Musicinfo Platform, including format conversion, editing, speed adjustment of audio files or packaged with other right-holders' music for promotion, marketing or associated activities. However, Musicinfo Platform will not change the content of your music and undermine its independence or integrity.
  • 4.6. You warrant that, any Content and relevant documents you upload do not contain any corrupt documents, viruses, worms, Trojans or other similar contents that will potentially compromise the program code, and you should be liable for all loss resulting from such content(s).
  • 4.7. You should assume all legal responsibilities for the activities and behaviors conducted through your account. In case you find any unauthorized use of your account and any vulnerabilities resulting from such unauthorized use, you should notify Musicinfo immediately, otherwise you will be responsible for any liabilities incurred therefore.
  • 4.8. You agree that, it's your responsibility to safeguard and protect the interests of Musicinfo Platform and other users. You further agree that, you should indemnify Musicinfo Platform or any third parties for any loss arising out of or relating to your violation of any terms under this Agreement or relevant laws and regulations.
  • 4.9. For any users (1) applying for Musicinfo Platform services with malicious intent; (2) using Musicinfo Platform services to conduct illegal activities; (3) with the intent to annoy, harass or deceive any other users; or (4) violating this Agreement in any other manner, Musicinfo Platform reserves the right to stop providing its services to such users, and revoke their account and seek damages from them.
  • 4.10. Musicinfo Platform only provides technical platform and information exchange platform for copyright owners and DSPs to facilitate their transactions. Musicinfo Platform itself is not a participant of any transaction and disclaims any express or implied warranty or any liability regard to the authenticity or legality of the statement made by you or any third party or the information uploaded to Musicinfo Platform.
  • 4.11 You hereby represent and warrant to Musicinfo that:
    • a) You are authorized representative has obtained sufficient authority to enter into this Agreement;
    • b) You are capable of performing its obligations hereunder; and performance of obligations does not contravene any binding contract or related legal documents.
    • c) You warrant that You possesses the right to grant a license to Musicinfo to use musical works hereunder as agreed herein, and specific type of licensed rights of each song and all information you have given to Musicinfo is true and correct.
    • d) You submit to Musicinfo all materials and supporting documents within as requested in Musicinfo Platform, including but not limited to all digital copies, copyright registration certificate, rights certification report, Power of Attorney of Songwriter, performer and original right holder, ISRC number and UPC number of licensed works, with respect to Content you upload to Musicinfo Platform. The format and quality of all the materials and supporting documents provided by Musicinfo based on Third Party's requirements.
    • e) Where You violate any of the above warranties or warranty granted in 2.7, leading to any dispute, controversy or claim against Musicinfo, Third Party or DSP by any third party, Musicinfo shall inform You in a timely manner, and be responsible for the timely settlement and undertake legal liabilities at its own expense; If You delayed in performance, Musicinfo can resolve it by itself, and You shall indemnify and hold Musicinfo harmless of any such claim.

5. Article IV Miscellaneous

  • 5.1.You agree that, for whatever reason (including but not limited to copyright disputes, aggressive behaviors, violation of national laws and regulations or long time inactivity etc.), Musicinfo Platform can limit the permission of your account or stop its services, or remove the inappropriate Content or comments published by you. Considering the possibility of above situation, Musicinfo Platform suggests you to backup your Content and relevant information. In case Musicinfo Platform removes your Content and other information according to this Agreement, you agree that Musicinfo Platform shall not be liable to compensate for any possible losses suffered by you or any other third parties.
  • 5.2. Musicinfo Platform has the right to amend and modify this Agreement in unilaterally whenever necessary. Once amendments and modifications have been made, Musicinfo Platform will publish the latest version of this agreement on the webpage and send you notification. Once published, such amendments or modifications will take effect immediately. If you do not agree to the amendments or modifications, you shall cease using relevant Musicinfo Platform services immediately and send Musicinfo a notice. If you fail to notify Musicinfo Platform within a reasonable period of time or continue using services provided by Musicinfo Platform, you agree that you shall be bound by the latest version of the Agreement.
  • 5.3. You acknowledge and agree that, this Agreement and the rules and other documents mentioned herein, shall constitute the entire agreement between You and Musicinfo Platform and substitute all prior agreements and documents on the above subject between both Parties. The validity of all prior agreements and documents on the above subject between both parties shall become void automatically when this Agreement takes effect. However, any non-disclosure and confidentiality commitments and the rights and obligations that have occurred prior to the above agreements and related documents shall be legally binding.
  • 5.4 Headings are for convenience only and do not affect interpretation of this Agreement.
  • 5.5 In no event is Musicinfo obligated to compensate you any indirect or consequential damages. In all events Musicinfo’s liability towards you is limited to 30 % of the service fees Musicinfo has received from you, except in case of intentional misconduct or gross negligence.
  • 5.6. The execution, performance, interpretation and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Finland, excluding its choice of law provisions. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms, or the breach, termination or validity thereof shall be finally settled in courts of Finland, and the language of the process shall be English.

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