Aim to build your presence in China with a dedication in both audio and video worlds. For serious artists only to influence your presence in China to the MAX!

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1149 €

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  • 6 x Playlist

    • Get your music on active popular playlists with millions of streams for one month on Netease Cloud Music and get more possibilities to be discovered, collect comments, be shared, and get to other playlists.
  • 4 x Social Media Promotion

    • Promote your music by publishing short blog posts (~100 words) to Weibo. We will translate your post to Chinese, boost it and target it to a suitable audience.
  • 2 x Social Media Promotion Pro

    • Write a longer post and promote your music/artist(s) on Tencent media channels, including the most popular social media services Wechat and Tencent news and information platform Kuai Bao. This service can be exchanged to Video Distribution.
  • 3 x Video Distribution

    • Distribute one video to the five most popular Chinese music video platforms. Get your video intro text translated to Chinese
  • 15 x Short Video Promotion in Douyin (TikTok) and Kuaishou (Kwai)

    • Post a short video to two of China’s hottest video apps Douyin (Tik Tok) and Kuaishou (Kwai) with short info and tags.
  • 1 x Promotion Plan

    • Promotion plan with suggestion for timetables and extra info will be sent after purchase.
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