Artist name:


Music Genre:

Rap, Hip-Hop

Country of Origin:

United States

It has been over ten years now that Mofak devoted himself entirely to music as a compositor and a producer. He first came from the dance industry where he mastered the Poppin’. He has a real fascination for the P-Funk culture from the 80s and its new forms like the G-Funk. As you probably figured, Mofak is more of a Longbeach, LA than a Queensbridge, NYC person !

During his many trips to LA, Mofak developed affinities in the underground local hiphop scene. Today, his compostitions are credited by artists such as Xzibit, Kokane, Lil’Eazy E, Soopafly, Tray Dee, Goldie Loc and Big Sono. After his most popular song "Baby Girl" released on The Sleepers RecordZ, he also released 2 EP "Mofeezy" & "Mofeezy 2" that become a cult on the street dance movement worldwide. In 2018, Mofak hit the Modern Funk Movement with a masterpiece album named "Drunk Of Funk"

Mofak active streaming services in China

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