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Finnz was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has an electric sound with a melodic complex flow that is sweeping the nation. He grew up listening to grunge music such as; Green Day, Nirvana, Offspring, and Smashing Pumpkins. In his early teens, he was introduced to Hip Hop by his two older brothers. "It's like everything they rap about, I relate to on a day-to-day basis" says Finnz. His early influences were Nas, Biggie, Pac, Eminem, Beastie Boyz, Wu-Tang, and NWA. These artists/groups are what helped his early song writing career grow, and suddenley Finnz turned to music for everything.

Growing up with other family musical influences such as his uncle Mike Kennedy who was a part of a band called "Overthrow" and his Juno award winning cousin Tomi Swick, Finnz was constently around music and the industry. Learning and making friends within the industry was one of his strong suits. With a vast network of promoters, Finnz began opening for bigger named artists, such as; N.O.R.E, Akon, MGK, Classified, Swollen Members, Styles P and Sheek Louch, Joey Badass, Snak the Ripper and more! With local promoters noticing his work drive it wasn't hard for Finnz to get his name on a bill.

As the years went by, Finnz ran into trouble and went down a dangerous path after witnessing his friend shot and murdered right in front of him. Within the next two years, Finnz had lost four more of his closest friends to murder. Instead of seeking help, Finnz turned to drugs and the streets, thinking this is what it would take to forget about it. Out of his house since the age of 16, really enhanced his ability to freestyle off the top of his head which quickly was talked about around his city. Music was the only thing that gave Finnz hope and pulled him away from the negative things in life.

In 2015, Finnz's life changed, the day he met his baby's mother. "my world was flipped upside down the day I looked into her eyes." says Finnz. With a new motivation and a reason to keep going, Finnz quit drugs cold turkey and began making the best music of his life. With his debut single "Change" sweeping his city, Finnz began writing and recording song after song, gaining the support from his fans, and crew to pursue a bigger picture. With not ONE album, or EP, or Mixtape on the market Finnz has a clean slate ahead of him to work hard and show the world whats hes got with his DEBUT ALBUM!!

After releasing six songs in six weeks, Finnz joined the association called "International Singer Songwriter Association" with the president Tamanie Dove assisting his registration, Finnz quickly found a spot in the ISSA family. In May 2019, Finnz recieved notification he was nominated in four categories in the 2019 ISSA Award show, hosted at the Dawsonville preforming art centre in Georgia. With his family, friends and fans voting him into top ten for each category, Finnz humbley accepted two crystal awards for "Music Video of the Year" & "Songwriter of the Year". With his past behind him, Finnz accepted these awards with class and is now ready to start working his debut album "Adapt or Die".

If you are not a fan of Finnz yet, make sure to check him out on all social media platforms, and music streaming sites! His music is being heard internationally and he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon! Enjoy

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