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United Kingdom

UK Producer, artist and DJ - FEMME has always been in the driving seat when it comes to her career. Her DIY invention has stemmed not only from necessity - learning how to launch electronic loops live so she didn’t have to drag her keyboard to early pub gigs - but also from a desire to retain total creative control. Several major label overtures have been entertained down the years, but ultimately FEMME has always preferred to pursue her own artistic vision.

“I like my pop music a little bit weird,” she says. “I like it to challenge, to push the envelope a little bit — not just repeat what’s gone before.” This has been the case ever since those early performances, which earned Bettinson the attention of Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, who recruited her to front electronic alt-pop group Ultraísta. Following rave reviews from Pitchfork, The Guardian and Rolling Stone, FEMME then took a sabbatical to launch her solo career.

Debut single ‘Fever Boy’ immediately found a home on both the BBC 6 Music playlist and the stereo of popstar Charli XCX (who invited FEMME to tour the USA with her), as well as on several adverts, catwalks and TV show soundtracks. Debut album Debutante followed, a tour-de-force designed to make you bounce around your bedroom, before she changed tack again to pursue the more dancefloor-orientated direction of recent singles ‘Angel’ and ‘Fire With Fire’ and ‘All for You’. Always seeking fresh inspiration, FEMME is a pervasive presence in British music, a bold, colourful talent who's links to club culture are matched to an impeccable pop appetite.

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