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United Kingdom

Dantian Collective is DUO consisting of KG-CHI the Sifu and Mista-E AKA The Man With No Style based in the United Kingdom.

KG-Chi the Sifu, a Kung Fu master that trained under the late Sifu Alan Winner and Grandmaster Ip Chun. He is very disciplined, calculated and thoughtful. As deadly physically as he is on the mic, he really is trained to kill.
Mista-E The Man With No Style is a master in lyricism and mic martial arts, not to be taken lightly in any way or fashion. Totally hardcore in thought and approach, he prefers to do his battles on wax.

DANTIAN COLLECTIVE will drop their debut album INITIUM in 2019.

First single of their album is called WHAT YOU WANT and its a featuring with Brooklyn underground hip-hop legend RUSTE JUXX.

DANTIAN COLLECTIVE active streaming services in China

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