Dirty Blac

Artist name:

Dirty Blac

Music Genre:


Country of Origin:

United States

Born in Hope, Arkansas, Tecero Muldrew aka Dirty Blac has been rhyming since the age of ten.
Nicknamed “Dirty Blac” by his granny, dedication and commitment showed itself to Muldrew at a young
age. Although he tried his hand at the family business, music is what steered the young visionary away
from the streets and into creating his own reality. Determined to record, he’d make his way to a studio
in Louisiana where he honed his skills as part of a local group called the Crime Family. In spite of all the
first-hand experience he gleaned from his own family, Dirty Blac grew up listening to the likes of UGK
and developed his lyrical swagger from some of his favorite southern rappers and singers.

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