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Musicinfo is your gateway to the audiences of China and Ask the Experts is your access to celebrity talent

Your Dedicated Account for Ask the Experts

As an artist of Ask the Experts you will get a lifetime 20% discount off all Musicinfo distribution and promotion services.

You will receive confirmation in your email after you submit the sign up form

You will receive contact information to Leon Youngblood and more information about Ask the Experts after you make a purchase from Musicinfo

How does it work?

So I ask you how does it work? 

You the artist submit their music to us based upon the categories you want to explore and opportunities you seek. You will be charged to having it evaluated by the experts.

How do I make contact?

First you need to sign up to Musicinfo with the Ask the Experts form provided below. You will then get Leon's contact information after you have made a purchase from Musicinfo.

Please send email to Leon Youngblood Sr with your:


Artist name

Track name

Music Genre Category

Track file (mp3 or wav) or link to your track

ISRC and/or ISWC code of the track

Summary of how you would like to work with Ask the Experts: Global Branding, Licensing Deals, Music Reviewed, Collaboration, etc.

How will my music be evaluated? Who will evaluate it?

We will receive the song files or link and listen for quality, hit appeal and determine if it’s a song we will use in a movie or music collaboration with Roccstar or another celebrity.

It will be evaluated by Grammy-nominated artist and producers Leon Youngblood SR, Roccstar and/or the crew at Ask the Experts.


How will I be notified if my music is chosen?

 We will personally email them and let you know. 


How can Ask the Experts guarantee the security of my music?

You must ensure that your music has been copyright protected and distributed elsewhere.

All music is covered by copyright laws. We will not move on any projects without first verifying that the song belongs to the artist who is submitting it.

In the case of new releases special arrangement must be agreed upon between you the artist, and Leon Youngblood Sr.


How will I get paid?

You will be paid by our publishing companies and record companies, i.e. Atlantic Records, Sony, Capitol, and a whole host of others including Netflix and Sleeping Giant Music.


Does it cost anything?

 Yes it will cost a nominal fee of  $25.00 to review one song and $50 for two. Payment agreement will be made after initial contact to Leon.


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