Artist name:

Zayde Wølf

Music Genre:

Indie pop

Country of Origin:

United States

Zayde Wolf is the solo project of Dustin Burnett, a Nashville-based producer and musician. His debut album Golden Age -- out in late 2016 -introduced him as a formidable new voice in indie pop and afforded him the opportunity to let his own voice shine after years of helping others to do the same.

He’s a songwriter, a producer, and a one-of-a-kind artist in his own right. Having licensed hundreds of songs, his music is everywhere. With licenses ranging from film trailers, television shows, pro sporting events, and video games, to major domestic and international advertisements on the internet with Fox, NBC, ABC, ESPN, MTV, CBS and TLC networks, it’s hard not to run into the sounds of Zayde Wolf.

Wolf is massively popular in the Western countries and in China, with hundreds of millions of streams worldwide.

"These songs are helping me in all these different ways. For a song to start in one place and then move all over the world to people who speak very little English is wild. These people reach out to me daily and say they are impacted by these songs in ways that turn their week around for better, or that the songs lead them to rethink a hard situation... and that’s powerful and humbling to me."
Sometimes you walk away from something, only for it to call you back when you least expect it

Zayde Wølf active streaming services in China

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