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Thomas Seher

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Thomas Seher is a composer and producer. He lives in Berlin and Zurich. As a composer for theater, he creates sound for raw, instinctive feelings on stage: whether with powerful rhythms, catchy hooks, minimalistic notes or dense clouds of noise. His work enables him to play around with different genres and expressive possibilities – always aiming to arouse emotion in and move his listeners, even occasionally to disturb them. His atmospheric, sometimes dramatic compositions swing between art music and pop. As of 2018, he regularly publishes music from his stage work online.

On the side, Thomas Seher composes soundtracks for short films, documentaries and advertisements. In 2006 he published on a book on the function of music in film. His talent for complex arrangements means he is in demand with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra amongst others as a producer of songs, electro tracks and commissioned pieces. 2018 is pegged for the release of an album of piano compositions. Besides all this, Thomas Seher is an active digital artist. As founder of the artist collective “Catch a Falling Knife”, he develops radical art projects that track the movements of the stock exchange acoustically and visually.

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