Artist name:

The Coral Sea

Music Genre:

Indie / Art Rock

Country of Origin:

United States

The Coral Sea is the music project and moniker of singer/songwriter Rey Villalobos. A Los Angeles native, Villalobos’ family originates from two different sides of the globe; México and Italy. Early on he fell in love with the Chopin Nocturnes while taking piano lessons and still considers the nocturnes an influence today. Starting out as a drummer playing in bands living in between Los Angeles and Portland Oregon, he next landed on the central coast of California, put the drumming aside and began writing on an old classical guitar and singing, one year later emerging with debut album “Volcano and Heart” and The Coral Sea project. After 3 chamber-pop indie album releases, Villalobos then released 3 slow-core noir folk albums under the name House of Wolves on French and Spanish boutique labels, spending many beautiful moments touring solo all over Europe.

In 2020 the House of Wolves albums were rebranded under The Coral Sea moniker due to trademark issues with other artists using the House of Wolves name. The new work is a continuation of House of Wolves and a revival of The Coral Sea and includes solo recordings as well as collaborations with musician friends from past, present and future. 

Feb 8th 2022 The Coral Sea released “Home Recordings Volume 1” a nostalgic lofi collection of songs re-composed on piano and acoustic guitar from “Volcano and Heart” and “Firelight” albums tracked at home on a 4 track cassette tape recorder.

Jan 20th 2023 a new studio album entitled “Golden Planet Sky” by The Coral Sea will be released on Villalobos’ artist-run label Trees They Move (digital plus a limited edition of 100 CDs).

With Musicinfo's help I was able to regain control of my music after the albums were uploaded years ago by an unauthorized party. Musicinfo was able to update many complicated tracking issues among the stores, and has great insight into the market in China.

The Coral Sea active streaming services in China

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