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Solas Composer

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Solas Composer has always loved the soundtrack in films and games from a very young age, he started making music in 2014 and originally electronic focused. But in recent years soundtrack music became his main inspiration, and predominantly music that is inspired by Fromsoftware games such as Dark Souls 1,2 and 3, Elden Ring, Bloodborne ect... His musical inspirations from composers include: Yuka Kitamura, Hans Zimmer, Adrian Von Ziegler, Peter Gundry, Darren Gundry, Tsukasa Saitoh, Howard Shore, Motoi Sakuraba, John Williams and many more...

I began thinking of all the places I could possibly distribute my music to, and found that there weren't many options for distributing to all music websites in China, until I found, this distributor brings a great opportunity for artists of any size to potentially gain thousands even millions of organic views for their music in websites that have hundreds of millions of people that you would otherwise miss out on the potential to reach. In the first year of using I have already received tens of thousands of views and from what I'm seeing the growth is showing great exponential potential in 2023... It's worth trying is what I am saying, be patient, and consistent, and make the best music you can. The team is also incredibly responsive via email if you have any enquiries or if you need to have changes made to your distribution, so I give 10/10 for customer service, a special thanks to Juri for the support I've received whenever needing it.

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