Artist name:

Scott Young

Music Genre:

Techno / Progressive Techno

Country of Origin:

United States

A dynamic composer and music producer whose special "touch" brings vibrancy and light to every song he makes, Scott Young has blazed his own trail in the industry by using his music to continuously convey the depths of authenticity and truth.

Of Chinese descent, Scott's deep connection to Chinese culture can be heard in the most subtle and nuanced of ways through his works. Knowing that music always bridges boundaries between seemingly separate worlds, Scott seeks to heal and awaken the world through his creations.

This young talent is bound for greatness, and the world cannot wait to see what he does next.

One cannot understate the immense talent and potential Chinese artists possess to tell their own unique stories through music. I aspire to contribute positively to China's music industry to bring further peace, communication, and love to the world. Musicinfo has helped my music be heard in China, and brings me one step closer to realizing my dream.
Over 140 million streams in China!

Scott Young active streaming services in China

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