Artist name:

Michal Towber

Music Genre:

Alternative Rock

Country of Origin:


Michal released her first record, "Sky With Stars", on SONY/Columbia at 17. She was mentored by Billy Joel, who noted "she's a great songwriter"; and fellow Hunter High School alum, Lin-Manuel Miranda ("Hamilton"), recently tweeted that she was "always the most talented person in our class." In 2005 she won an EMMY award for OUTSTANDING COMPOSITION on the daytime television drama "One Life to Live". Her music has been featured by SONOS, Rdio, Canon, and Urban Decay. Her most recent full-length album "No Resolution" (2018) featured the World Songwriting Awards BEST ALTERNATIVE SONG "The Crash", and she is the recipient of the International Singer Songwriter Association's FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR Award (2019).

Music is a universal language that shouldn’t be constrained by geographic boundaries. Since we live in an interconnected world and global economy, I knew it was vital for my success as an artist to distribute my music in China. Musicinfo has opened the gate for me, and I am incredibly grateful for the access, support and service they provide. I recommend them to any artist serious about touching the greatest number of fans possible.

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