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Kuerty Uyop

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DJ Jurij, professional karateka with a passion for DJing that led him to be one of the most respected European producers, and Frank Synapsi, former Scottish Protestant itinerant priest, knew each other in 2006 at the Town Hall Tavern, one of the most famous pub in Leeds, in a fight that sees them as adversaries.
Jurij has clearly the better of Frank, who after an uppercut indulges in a typical Italian blasphemy. Obviously at that point shots in the arrangement between the two, so in a couple of hours the Kuerty Uyop were born, adopting the name of the first thing that came under their eyes, a PC keyboard, where the first line of letters provided inspiration.
The stories of both served to cement the union:
youngest teacher in the United Kingdom theology, with temporary professorships in prestigious colleges that have allowed him to have students such as Gerard Butler, Ewan McGregor and Daniel Craig and excommunication for Frank, a past of violence on the road, which fortunately he channeled in karate growing transformed, for Jurij.

The time to use all the money accumulated to open two studies, one in Edinburgh and one in Velletri, and the career of most absurd dj's duo all over the world began, instantly officially remixing the biggest names in world EDM scene like Steve Angello, John Dahlback, Dr. Kucho, Robin Cook and later with a series of singles that played from Tirana to St. Petersburg, via Shanghai and Maceio, where even as guests totaled hundreds of thousands of people also alongside superstars such as A-Trak, Sidekick, Ian Carey, Outwork and the never too complained Frankie Knuckles.

In February 2016 they produce and bring to the Sanremo Festival, one of the most important festivals all over the world, Cecile, the singer who has received the most attention of the whole kermesse, with the song N.E.G.R.A., a clear anthem against racism, and the resulting album.
With Dirrrty Dance! KU want to go back to the origins of the sound, to the land and to their land, choosing Italy as first country of release, with a sound that is a planer in the brain, as always multilingual but giving a nod to the Russian lands, and a video which is already a cult, always shot in KU style in Zelenograd, Moscow suburb, during the hottest summer in history.

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