Artist name:

Judson Mancebo

Music Genre:

Functional, Relaxing

Country of Origin:


Judson Mancebo is a Brazilian/Spanish pianist, producer/arranger, singer and songwriter. Prolific studio musician, Judson has released during the last two decades a number of classical crossover projects and baby/ kids music series. In partnership with major labels like Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and EMI Music, such releases fluttered his international career.  

Due to his sleep music recordings, Judson is considered an expert in Functional Music, in the context of relaxation music. According to studies by Japan Acoustic Laboratory, inc. the use of his music arrangement techniques in high frequencies bring to his music the intrinsic worth of a therapeutic tool, acting as an anti-stress resource for babies and adults.   

Currently, Judson is the producer/arranger behind several music and sound design projects in the field of the Functional Music, such as music and sounds for sleeping. These contents are responsible for hundreds of millions of global streams annually.

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Judson Mancebo active streaming services in China

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