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Music Genre:

Hiphop, Funk and Soul

Country of Origin:


Funk Soul Boogie Bajan Brother from the 450 Representing the 5th, Organic & Original Flavour Only Real Hip-hop, Funk and Soul. For the people in need of good music and Food for thought. Originate started his journey as a dancer, then picked up a mic and began emcee'ing for dancers on the streets and at festivals. He then met Mofak at a Dance battle and from there ignited their Funky journey. Originate is presently the singer of The Mofak And The Mofeezy Band and is emcee at A.K.A The Roy Brothers. In 2019 he signs with The Sleepers Recordz for a distribution deal for the release of his LP '' The Journey''. He keeps Inspiring the Boogie world as he focuses on getting the people engaged on the dance floor. Music for all ages and the ones who seek to be free.

EMCEE ORIGINATE active streaming services in China

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