Artist name:

DJ Iceman

Music Genre:

Hip hop

Country of Origin:

United States

Born in Coney Island Brooklyn in 1973, DJ Iceman took to music at an early age. He started DJing at age 9, after getting his uncle’s old DJ equipment, and he’s been an a tear ever since.
He’s performed in New York, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Japan and Sydney; and worked with the likes of Heavy D, KRS One and a host of others.

In April of 2017, Dj Iceman embarked on a new journey as a beatmaker and thus Big Boss Beatz was born. using Native Instruments Maschine, Dj Iceman is crafting some of the best boom-bap golden era beats this side of Fort Greene.

He is a member of the Wu-Tang Worldwide Dj Coalition,Ghetto Government Officials (GGO) ,Dirty Clanzmen, 144,000 The Chosen Few, Zu Bulliez, and Filthy Fingers United (FFU)

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DJ Iceman active streaming services in China

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