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Dreampunk, Vaporwave, Dark Ambient

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暗闇DESTINY , aka Z.E.R.O. , is a musician from Brazil. He has been producing music since 2011 in a big variety of different genres ranging from Future Funk, Dreampunk and Dark Ambient to Happy Hardcore and Techno. Dreampunk is a microgenre of electronic music characterized by its focus on cinematic ambience and field recordings, combined with various traits and techniques from electronic genres such as techno, jungle, electro, and dubstep. Dreampunk takes inspiration from Blade Runner, Cyberpunk and Anime like Ghost in the Shell or Akira.

In his daily life dedicating most of his time to any kind of noise, music, podcasts, and more 暗闇DESTINY is also a 3D artist and designer, mainly inspired by the works of Zer0 れい, TropicalVirtual and others, but works with audiovisual projects, glitch art and concepts as well. As a huge retro enthusiast and influenced by Asian countries, mainly China and Japan, 暗闇DESTINY now focuses on creating his own view on Dreampunk. In 2022 he released his first album at Hiraeth Records; ‘遷移TRANSITION‘. A sci-fi cinematic masterpiece. In 2023 he released the follow-up album "NEO-地球".

I want to give a big compliment to their team, whenever I have a question or run into something they respond very quickly and professional, yet stay very casual!

暗闇DESTINY active streaming services in China

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