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Cécile Corbel

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Cécile Corbel (born 28 March 1980, Pont-Croix, Finistère, France) is a French and Breton singer, harpist, and composer. She has released eight albums of original music and worked for Studio Ghibli as a composer for its 2010 film, The Borrower Arrietty. Corbel sings in many languages including French, Italian, Breton, and English and has done songs in German, Spanish, Irish, Turkish, and Japanese.

I knew that I had fans in Asia and China because I had done several tours there ; but from Europe, the Chinese online music market seemed inaccessible to me, and I did not necessarily master the sharing of my music with my Chinese fans.
It is now possible for me thanks to Musicinfo and I am happy with this collaboration.

Cécile Corbel active streaming services in China

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