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Alternative Hard Rock

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Bailout brings you melodic heavy rock from Jyväskylä, Finland. This five-member rock-collective melts each ones diverse musical tastes to a single rock-solid, truly unique gestalt. Bailout has released two demos and one EP before their debut album "...As the Winds Blow On", which was released in the April of 2016 with great reception. After some line-up changes in the rhythm section, they are currently rehearsing the new groovier and heavier material for their second full-length album...

Through MusicInfo, we now have the opportunity to share our music to a new audience. Adding albums and singles to the service is simple and efficient. We can also see comprehensive statistics, including the number of streams and royalties earned. Our debut album, “...As the Winds Blow On”, has already received a good number of listeners in China.

Bailout active video services in China

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