Artist name:

ARTur Moon

Music Genre:

art piano

Country of Origin:


ARTur Moon is an out-of-the-box concert pianist improviser composer who has been playing the piano since he was four years old. He has been called a "Piano Healer" because of the way his music touches people's hearts and inspires them.

Moon’s music is based on the belief that emotions can be healed through music. His compositions are designed to evoke specific emotions in the listener, and he often improvises during performances, which means that each performance is unique to create an even more powerful emotional experience. His music is to help people connect with their own emotions and to help them feel the real deep meaning of the music.

ARTur has dedicated his life to sharing his music with the world. He has performed concerts in over twenty countries all over the globe, he has won numerous awards. His music has been featured on television and radio programs around the world.

His concerts are known for their emotional power, always being beyond the time, beyond the era. He often performs in the darkness and believes that this allows his audience to connect with the music on a deeper level. His unique style combines elements of classical, jazz, neo-classic, new age and cinematic music, creating a sound that is deeply moving.

He looks like a majestic king to symbolize perfection. Coming from the stars, he is like a Moon that is shining in the darkness. Going with the flow, he is connecting his audience with the galaxy. His music is a spaceship to the other dimensions.

When he plays the piano, he is featuring music that touches the heart, awakens the mind, and nourishes the soul. The sound of it fills the air with its incredible fragrance and beauty. ARTur Moon takes listeners on a journey, giving something that could never be forgotten.

I am honored to work with Musicinfo. They are approaching individually and I am extremely grateful for their dedication to their professional services. I am more than happy to have them as my partners in introducing my brand and making my China dreams come true. Thank you!

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