Artist name:

Yify Zhang

Music Genre:


Country of Origin:

United States

YIFY (ee-fee) is an artist of cinematic pop music. Her sound is atmospheric and blends electronic acoustics with personal songwriting. As Vents Magazine describes, “combining organic sounds, electronic production, and a songwriting style that feels all too personal, YIFY creates a raw and lush soundscape that feels like collaboration between a film composer and a pop singer-songwriter.”

Her mission is to make music that remind people they are loved. To create soundscapes for listeners to get lost in.

She has been featured by Vents Magazine, CelebMix, The Drunken Coconut, IndieGuru, AVA Live Radio, York Calling, among other indie music publications. Her songs have been featured by playlists and accumulated 1M+ streams in 90+ countries across streaming platforms.

MusicInfo has been so helpful in bringing my music to new audiences. With distribution and social media posts, I’m able to connect with Chinese fans in a way that I didn’t have access to before

Yify Zhang active streaming services in China

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