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Steven Cooper

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Country of Origin:

United States

Stereotypes are made to be broken and Cooper's been breaking them since beginning to rap in high school. On the outside, Cooper's business presence may convince you he's here to do your taxes, but behind his simple image is nothing less than a seasoned emcee who grew up coached by some of the greats in entertainment. This mentorship combined with his fiery wordplay has Cooper captivating fans around the globe and redefining the image of a typical rapper.

Steven’s hit song “Fuck It, I'm Lit” is a club smash and quickly became a worldwide hit. Cooper is no stranger to success though, his songs "Born To Do" and "Bigger" were both top 100 ITunes singles and his catalog continues to be featured in films and popular tv shows. (250+ placements) Cooper's been featured with notable artists such as Tech N9ne, Kid Rock, and countless more. With 600+ concerts, he has performed all over the globe at distinguished venues and festivals for crowds up to 25,000.

Born in the Midwest, Steven was raised by his 15 y/o single mother. When asked about his upbringing, Cooper recalls growing up surrounded by sex, drugs, and addiction, which eventually left his family homeless. He dealt with depression early on as a result of being bullied in school. He began to write lyrics and decided to share with his class. His talent became a bridge. This is when Steven discovered that music could transcend barriers such as race and classism. From there he started his journey creating his unlikely music.

Musicinfo has allowed me to reach fans in places I never would’ve without them. It’s been amazing to watch the growth in these regions and see the songs reach around the world!
Over 144 million streams in China!

Steven Cooper active streaming services in China

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