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Sonjit Ronghang

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Sonjit Ronghang is known as Sonjit Ronghang. As a singer he is famous amongst the entire Karbi Anglong and is as well a composer and writer. He has sung more than 50+ songs, with a huge number of hit songs like Dipdip and Abajar. He is also featured with many great Karbi Artists like Akangsha Enghipi, Nitu Timungpi and more. He has worked as an Independent Artist, and also works sometimes with Production teams and Labels like Ser Production Music and Vin Digital Media. He was born in Dokmuka, East Karbi Anglong, Northeast Asia India.

I have great honor to work with Musicinfo. I'm happy with their services and they have great artist relationship. They are approaching individually and I am extremely grateful for their dedication to their professional services.

Sonjit Ronghang active streaming services in China

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