Artist name:

Prince Armani

Music Genre:

Hip hop, East Coast Rap

Country of Origin:

United States

Growing up in Fort Worth the Dallas-born rhymer studied the craft and history under the tutelage of his father, The Mad Tweaker. Armani’s impassioned calling stems from both his ability and his desire to help people have a deeper understanding of where others are coming from, a genuine mission that in turn is making him a prominent voice of his generation.

Armani began placing a newfound importance on tactfully developing his craft as an MC when he hit his teenage years. Inspired by the tastemakers of the Golden Age and today’s burgeoning class alike, Armani wisely decided to hone in his knack for songwriting and share his versatility through his first cohesive full-length project, “The Concrete Rose Theory”, released in 2018. 

Prince Armani, whose artist moniker is a noble extension of his government name, is a rapper, songwriter and producer out of Houston.

My hopes to fully break into the Market in China and develop a huge fan base to hopefully tour all of China once this Covid situation is gone. I look forward to putting out more music on your platform.

Prince Armani active streaming services in China

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