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United Kingdom

LX8 is the musical alias for French-British songwriter, artist, author and designer Henry Chebaane. Inspired by the example of film director John Carpenter who also produces music and comics, LX8 has started his own musical journey and “Ghosts of Sound” is his debut single. 

His music and lyrics are an exploration of Time, Reality, and Identity, in a quantum universe where nothing is ever lost, where all things that ever existed are still present and can be endlessly regenerated through the power of love and music.

As a multimedia storyteller, LX8 also produces and directs his own videos, often set in locations that he has designed himself. Henry Chebaane first graphic novel "The Panharmonion Chronicles" has just been published, with a music album under the same name, coming later this year.

The high-concept LP is a sonic exploration of the novel and its speculative universe, blending euphoric music and melodic techno with dark cinematic drama, layered sound design and experimental synth textures. 

A recent arrival on the EDM scene, LX8 music style defies easy description but can be summarised as a "sonic quest into the human consciousness and the nature of reality." A fan of house and trance music of the last four decades, LX8 wants to keep these sounds alive and inclusive for a new generation of global listeners from all cultures.

Sonic quest into the human consciousness and the nature of reality.

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