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Cinthya Garcia

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Cinthya Garcia is a Spanish pianist and composer (1982), currently based in Miami, US. Fascinated from a very young age by music as a powerful form of expression, she began to study piano and music at 8, turning that vocation into a profession, graduating years later in classic piano and pedagogy. The deep knowledge of the instrument and the study of different styles have influenced her in her way of creating.

After leaving her country in 2013, she participated then in musical projects of very different types and genres, in which the piano was not the center of her activity, but which lead her to expand and grow her musical vision. After that break, she returned to the piano but regaining the spirit that had captivated her in her childhood, finding in instrumental music a way of communication without words, which connects tradition, elegance and modernity in each song.

Her debut album was called 'The Journey' vol.1. It contains 8 pieces for piano solo with titles that reflect and evoke her personal evolution. After that project, she has expanded her vision with some singles in which the piano is center of attention but also with little orchestrations, and has released two more versions of famous songs. She has also collaborated with “Sonder House” New York independent label with the release of “Evergreen” and participating in “Recollections” vol.2. Her music style seeks the beauty of the melody in a neoclassical environment, with influences of minimalism, classical piano, but also electronic, pop and world music. She is now releasing her new EP music project in collaboration with German label Silent Beat Records (part from Beat Dealer Records), which culminates the concept of a journey in music and life: Life is a journey.

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