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Childs started as Paul Marrón’s solo outing after retiring his Rade moniker in the early ‘00s. Soon he established a new sound for the project which he refers to as ”electronic lullabies”—a combination of post rock, dream pop, IDM, and shoegaze as well as taking visual cues from anime. These elements were on full display by the time Childs debuted with their LP Yui in 2006, which soon became a Mexican underground phenomenon thanks to its evocative, patient, and melodic sound. It’s impact was felt beyond its immediate frontiers by gaining fans around the world, taking them to stages in other countries including five tours of Asia between the years 2012 and 2018. Inviting other musicians to transform Childs into a full band, Marrón and company recorded a follow-up to Yui in 2015 under the name Realidal, which proved to be more expansive and cinematic than its predecessor. Focusing on further developing imaginary stories, it became an important milestone in Childs’ discography.

2022 marks Childs’ return with their third album titled Xilds. Years in development, Xilds was produced by Marrón and recorded in Fono Pacific Studios (Ensenada, Baja California) with the exception of drums which were tracked at Oso Grizzly Studios (Guadalajara, Jalisco). Marrón was joined by the current Childs lineup to track most of the songs on the album, consisting of Jesús “Baqui” Neri con drums, Karla Alcocer on violin, and César Beltrán on bass as well as Marrón on vocals, guitar, melodica, and electronics. Special guests include Arhkota, Karla Bañales, Mario LaMadrid, and Diana Nevarez, among other. The result is the band’s most ambitious work to date.

Childs’ signature sound remains at the core in the new material; however, this time there’s a new found power and sense of wonder that takes the music on a new path. The songs on Xilds unfold patiently as melodies pile in layers to burst into an ecstatic vortex of choirs and instruments both traditional and electronic. The album gives us some of Childs’ best songs to date.

The balance between innocence and taking responsibility for our actions is Xilds’ central theme. Inspired by the works of B Traven as well as other influences, Xilds finds the crossroads that young modern adults find themselves trying to come to grips with conflicts modern young adults face nowadays—femicides, ecological catastrophes, the sense of not belonging anywhere in particular—while holding on to hope that we have had since childhood. The final stretch of the album finds its home by finding happiness in the least expected places.

The next single to be shared from Xilds is “Navi,” having already shared "Bruma" in 2020. “Navi” is illustrated by a mysterious and atmospheric video which was filmed in the natural reserves Punta Mazo and Monte Ceniza. The video was co-produced by Terra Peninsular, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the protection of ecosystems and wildlife in Baja California and Sierrablanca films, a local film production company. A teaser for the video, which was directed by Fernando A. de la Rosa, was released on February 1, 2022 and the full video will be available very soon

Childs are ready to release their new album with which they close a trilogy and 20 years of work and inspiration, while opening new sonic worlds to explore in the future. Inspired by our current reality as well as the hopes and dreams children have nurtured since time unknown, Xilds is a ray of light amid these dark times.

Xilds will be released later this Spring and will be available on physical and digital formats. Stay tuned for more information.

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