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Bantunani aka Michel Nzau is a French Congolese songwriter, composer, singer, dancer and director who has created his own music style, a vindicative afrofunk groove based on wise lyrics and heavy beats.

Also known as an activist, Bantunani is an amazing entertainer on stage where he expresses his voodoo legacy from Congo (RDC). The secret of Afrofunk: The dance of an Afropolitan citizen by music, one is intrigued listening to this wild man with his vindicative and melancholic undertones.

This “multiracial,” music proposes a nu-rumba concept based on afro-groove fusion, where afro-rhythms meet hip-hop, funk, soul, and jazz. Bantunani’s songs are powerful and present. Bantunani’s music is both a consciousness raising and a dancing music. Under the driving force of Michel Nzau, the artist is a perfect blend between traditional and modern rhythms where every musician brings in his or her own musical culture.

The group is in perpetual re-evaluation of its artistic approach vis-a-vis its artistic and humanistic goals. So since his beginnings in 2006 the life of Bantunani's membership has been rich and eventful, witnessing an evolution in its evolution. The rhythmic core, made of the drummers like Johnny Millebaga and Michel's son and daughter, Terence Nzau, Maria Nzau or and of the Japanese bass player Niwa Koshi and Matteo Nzau, is always maintained in its blending with other influences. Umberto Luambo the guitar player of the group. One recognizes the African style of his playing that can also call in hard rock elements or guitar cocotte style.This is the nucleus of the group around which other artists gravitate, enriching the Bantunani experience. An experience that is renewed with each album. But we must not forget the surprising, sensual and languorous chorus that adds itself to this electro-acoustic combination, and most of all the mesmerizing energy of the lead singer, Michel Nzau who transforms dance and music into instruments at the service of the verb.

Bantunani's Young Blood
"It’s a track of motivation, a track of strength. His poignant words go straight to the heart. It’s deeply touching and exceptional in style. It’s sensational and destined. It's full of professionalism""
N.Y Music Mag, USA

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