Artist Pack

norm. 396 €

198 €

special offer -50%

All prices are VAT 0%

  • 1 x Bronze Distribution Subscription

    • Subscription including three releases
  • 1 x Social Media Promotion

    • Promote your music by publishing short blog post (~100 words) to Weibo. We will translate your post to Chinese, boost it and target it to a suitable audience.
  • 1 x Social Media Promotion Pro

    • Write a longer post and promote your music/artist(s) on Tencent media channels, including the most popular social media services Wechat and Tencent news and information platform Kuai Bao.
  • 1 x Video Distribution

    • Distribute one video to the five most popular Chinese music video platforms. Get your video intro text translated to Chinese.
  • 3 x Visibility Booster

    • This is exclusively for bundle customers only. Maximise visibility for you and your music. We will create a maximum of three (3) artist biographies on NetEase, QianQian Music and Musicinfo artist page. If you do not need so many artist profiles, unused artist profiles can be exchanged for Social Media Promotions.
  • BONUS: 3 x New Release Extra Promotion Possibility

    • This is exclusively for bundle customers only. We will try our best to pitch three (3) of your brand new releases (not released anywhere previously) to get the possibility for promotion in China with Banner and/or New release chart via our partner.
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