Welcome to Artful Zone at Musicinfo

Musicinfo is your gateway to the audiences of China

Your Dedicated Affiliate Account for Artful Zone

As an artist of Artful Zone you will get a lifetime 20% discount off all Musicinfo distribution and promotion services.

The Sign Up Process:

1. Sign up to Musicinfo via this affiliate page. You will receive a confirmation email with the discount code. (You don't need to purchase anything.) 

2. Visit the Musicinfo Web Store and browse the information about the Chinese market and services we offer.

3. If when you like you may purchase a service. (Your account in the Web Store will be created upon the first purchase and will require you to choose a password.)

4. Receive an invoice and a confirmation email after your purchase. The confirmation email will contain a link and new password for the Distribution Platform.(different from the one you created for the Web Store.) Your username is the email you used for the purchase and will be the main means of contact.


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