Informational Videos about Musicinfo

Everything you need to know about Musicinfo and our services.

How To Go Viral on Chinese Short Videos

Douyin China's TikTok

Videos can get millions of streams a day on short video platforms. Get your music available to Douyin music library and go viral!

Paul Marron of Childs in Tours in China

Invitation To Tour China

His masterpiece Mariana brought him requests for tours in China 5 times back in 2010 and now millions of streams on Douyin!

Why promoting your music is important and how to do it.

Music Promotion

Western social media services such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and many more are not available in China.

What artists need to know about Tiktok and Douyin

About Short Video

Nowadays, listeners get their first impressions of new music from following short videos that you find on apps like TikTok and in China on Douyin and Kuaishou.

Distribution, Promotion & Sync to China

Your Music to China

Musicinfo distributes your music to over 50 music media services in China, giving you unparalleled access to their audiences.

Why Sync Licencing is important and how to do it with Musicinfo

Sync licensing

Sync licensing is becoming a more and more popular route for musicians to find new audiences.

Digital Music Distribution in China: What It's Like

Chinese Distribution

Find out about distributing your music to China and why you should do it.

Douyin: The Short Video Platform in China

Douyin: China's TikTok

Distribute with us and get your music to the most extensive audiences in China, to over 50 services like Douyin, China's TikTok.

CEO Kari on The Rise of Streaming in China

Rise In Streaming

In 2021 we have paid over 100.000 USD of royalties to our artists. We at Musicinfo are ecstatic about the growth of streaming in China, this means more streams for our artists and more possibilities for you to make an audible mark on the Chinese music market

How To Get Your Music On Chinese Playlists


The playlists are huge with at least 100,000 listeners each!

Musicinfo Composers Interviews for Shanghai Film Festival


3 world class movie, trailer and game composers. The video was presented in the Shanghai Movie festival 12th June 2021 with Q&A session where composers discuss their work with the audience.

Netease Streaming Service Has More To Offer

Netease Overview

How to navigate Netease Cloud Music website. See how to search music, add music to your dashboard, make playlists, add video, follow artists, message and receive messages and comment on everything.

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