Distribution partners in China

Musicinfo Distribution brings your music to the most popular streaming services in China such as Baidu Music, QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music, and more. We have over 22 streaming providers and our top services are listed below.

QQ Music

QQ Music is the Chinese leading music streaming service owned by Tencent Music Entertainment Group. It has more than 700 million monthly active users, 100 million daily active users and 120 million paid users. annually celebrates the QQ Music Awards.

Qianqian Music

Qianqian Music, previous known as Baidu Music, is a Chinese music streaming service by Taihe Music Group and Baidu. By December 2015, it had 150 million monthly active users. In December 2015, Baidu announced that they merged Baidu Music with the Taihe Music Group, which owned the copyrights to 700,000 at the time and had licenses with overseas record labels. By 2018, Taihe Music Group has upgraded Baidu Music brand to Qianqian Music.

Kugou Music

KuGou established in 2004 is owned by Tencent Music Entertainment Group. With more than 450 million monthly active users in 2016 it was the largest streaming service in the world.

Kuwo Music

Kuwo Music is one of the most popular music streaming service in China, which is owned by Tencent Music Entertainment Group. It has more than 129 million active monthly users. Kuwo Music provide lossless music streaming service to users.

NetEase Music

NetEase Music is a music streaming service developed and operated by NetEase Inc. Officially launched in 2013, as of November 2017 the platform had 400 million users and a music database consisting of more than 10 million legal copies of high quality music. Users are able to download, comment, create playlists and follow artists.

China Mobile – Migu Music

Migu Music is the online music service of China Mobile, a Chinese state-owned telecommunication corporation that provides mobile voice and multimedia services across Mainland China. Launched in 2006, Migu Music provides over 873 million China Mobile users ringtone service and now also provides streaming music service.

China Telecom – iMusic

iMusic is the online music service established by China Telecom, a state-owned China Telecommunications Corporation. iMusic provides Chinese Internet users streaming music service and ring tones service. It has more than 170 million users.

China Unicom – Wo Music

Wo Music is the online music service by China Unicom, a Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator. Wo Music provides online streaming music and ring tone service. China Unicom is the world's fourth-largest mobile service provider by subscriber base and has more than 100 million users.

Promotion partners in China

Musicinfo promotes your music through radio, various media avenues and the latest technological advances available.

Jinri Toutiao

Jinri Toutiao is a Beijing-based news and information platform powered by artificial intelligence technology. Its algorithm models generate tailored feed lists for each user, which could include music content. The company is China's largest mobile platform of content creation, aggregation and distribution underpinned by machine learning techniques with 120 million active users daily in September 2017.

Ximalaya FM

Launched in 2013, Ximalaya FM grew to be the biggest online audio content sharing platform in China with more than 450 million users.


Changba is a mobile karaoke application that provides a platform for music fans that allows users to share their performances with friends. Changba boasts more than 400 million users.

Kaola FM

Kaola FM is one of the most popular online radio services in China that provides various radio programs.

9Sky Music

9Sky was launched by 199 which provides online streaming music service. 9Sky aims to help Chinese and Western independent musicians promote their music online.

1Ting Music

1Ting Music provides online music service to listeners and music solutions for businesses.

Lava Radio

Lava radio is an online streaming theme oriented playlist service, such as mood, genre and scenes.

Music 365

Music 365 was established in 2007 and provides listeners online streaming service of various popular songs and classic oldies.

Bale FM

Bale FM provides customized music solutions for business customers.

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