Jon K.T.

Artist name:

Jon K.T.

Music Genre:

Pop, R&B, Gospel

Country of Origin:

United States

Jon is a graduate of Madison Media Institute with an Associates Degree
in Recording Technology, and Full Sail University with a Bachelors
Degree in Music Production. Jon recently graduated from Full Sail
University’s Entertainment Business Masters program. While focusing on
his education, Jon also holds the position dept manager of the
Audio/Video department at The Geo Group, a translation agency located
in Madison, Wisconsin. His job duties include project management,
preparing quotes, scheduling, producing recording sessions with vocal
talent, and delegating work instructions. After receiving his Master’s
degree, Jon made a transition at the Geo Group to incorporate Digital
Marketing and Social Media Marketing into his daily tasks, and became
the face for the company marketing campaign in which he starred in 3
marketing videos. This acting debut earned him two International
Bronze Reel Awards.
Jon is dedicated to producing quality works whether it is for The Geo
Group or for his own personal music projects. Jon’s passion for music,
and his production abilities, has open the door to becoming his own
music publisher through BMI. His many musical works has garnered him
an international network of collaborators and followers. Jon’s
collaboration with Macky Mikunda ‘Better Man’ Recently received Semi
finalist award from the 2018 UK Songwriting contest, and recently
reached the number 1 spot on the Music Mafia Radio Top 30.

Recently his music won Best Music Production Award, and Best
collaboration Award, from the World Songwriters 2018 Awards. Also Jon
received 4 U.K Songwriting contest Awards in 2018. Jon is currently an
administrator for the International Singer-Songwriters Association,
Jon was one of the many presenters at the ISSA 2019 Awards show in
Atlanta in August, and also taking home the ISSA 'Team Recognition
Award' for 2019.

"ISSA has been a valuable networking source for me and my craft. Now with the Partnership with Musicinfo, this has afforded me many new and exciting possibilities that would never have taken place, without the amazing group of professionals. Music is a gift afforded to many, Lets make it possible for all to be heard! Teamwork, makes the dream work!"

Jon K.T. active streaming services in China

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