Alessio Accardi

Artist name:

Alessio Accardi

Music Genre:

Rock/ Acoustic

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Alessio Accardi is an Italian singer and songwriter.
He played in a grunge band for almost 10 years, after which he began a solo career, during these years he has performed in over 300 concerts, music festivals, shopping centers in Italy, Spain, Malta, Czech Republic, France and the rest of Europe, in addition to important stages in Milan: Teatro Smeraldo EatAly, Rolling Stone, Le Scimmie, and even some television appearances on AntennaTre and AllMusic, in 2017 his song "LE STELLE NON SONO POI COSI DISTANTI" arrived in the semifinals to participate in Sanremo 2017.

For about a year he has been involved in the "ANNO DELLA REDENZIONE TOUR" (YEAR OF THE REDUCTION TOUR) in which he is playing his music around Italy, in the last months he had the opportunity to play his music on a big Festival in the Colico Lake, to open the concert of the official Italian QUEEN tribute band and at the Palazzo del ghiaccio in Milano, during the MusicShowMilano, the largest musical instrument fair in Italy.

On 1 December 2018 he released his first single "LE FAREMO SAPERE" produced by Andrea Tripodi (former producer of GIANLUCA GRIGNANI, REZOPHONIC and various Italian and international artists).

He is currently working on the production of an EP with 5 unreleased tracks.

-1 ° CLASSIFIED "CantaTu" 8/2011, Santa Maria al bagno (LE)
-1 ° CLASSIFIED "Singer contest" 6/2016, Hard Rock Cafè Lisbon (Portugal)
-1 ° CLASSIFIED "Colico in canto" 8/2017, Colico (LC)
-SemiFinalista AreaSanremo 2017, Sanremo (IM)
-1 ° CLASSIFIED "Impronte Sonore" (songwriters section) 1/2018, Treviglio (BG)
-1 ° CLASSIFIED "Cassina Music Contest" (songwriters section) 5/2018, Cassina de pecchi (mi)
-1 ° CLASSIFIED "Grassobbio Music Festival 2018"

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