Takia Voice

Artist name:

Takia Voice

Music Genre:

R&B, Soul

Country of Origin:

United States

TaKia is growing beyond her songwriting into a full-fledged artist, developed by Mars Co‐op, an offshoot of Philly's legendary Hip‐Hop band, The Roots. Says the singer-songwriter, “Like so many, I always wanted to live my dream. I no longer wanted to work for someone else. I needed to conquer my fears... to allow that part of myself to die in order to live fully. I wanted to share my gift with the world”. Alongside her label mates, including Malik B of The Roots fame, D‐N‐A, and Mars Co‐op, TaKia stands strong as the First Lady of T.U.B. TaKia Voice is set to release a mixtape of original songs laced over classic hip-hop beats later in the year. In addition, TaKia is passionate about leading a life of service. She wishes to aid in ending stigmas, promoting self-love, acceptance, and tolerance. She hopes to inspire men, women, and children, drawing from her own personal experiences. Surprisingly, not only is she rooted in hip-hop and R&B, the soulful singer also draws inspiration from alternative artists such as Tori Amos, Bjork, and Fleetwood Mac to name a few. She holds a strong appreciation and respect for many genres of music. Though her melodic harmonies and sultry voice have Soul written all over it, Takia is beyond labels. “We are always in a state of expansion, allow yourself room to grow”, she states.

Experience TaKia Voice for yourself in 2019 on T.U.B. Records. EP along with her debut album is Coming Soon!

Takia Voice active streaming services in China

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