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Gary Henrey, better known as Sikadis was born in Dunkirk, Kingston. Growing up in Jamaica he discovered his love for music. At the age of 16 Sikadis, as he is known by his peers and his steady growing fan base, started DJing at local parties and clubs. Sikadis’s constant exposures to his native reggae music help turn DJing into artistry. Sikadis credits such legends as Buju Banton and Papa San for not only helping him master his skill but also helping him use his talents to the best of his ability. Today Sikadis has been given the creative freedom to develop his own style, a style and technique that will not only bring reggae music to the next level but all music!

Artist SIKADIS is signed with Vibez Camp Entertainment and is a prop world music singer. He is versed with different genres and this can be witnessed in the track ‘HEARTBEAT’ that gives out the flavours of both folk and peppy pop genre. If you have not yet tuned to the tracks of this artist, log on to all streaming platforms.

‘HEARTBEAT’ is a pure love track and perfect for all who want to confess their love to their partners. The track is a perfect example of the contemporary styles of music that uses both old school and new school styles. World music that is much known for its use of folk beats has attained a new dimension with SIKADIS’s new single. He has juxtaposed traditional style with trendy beats that have created an edge to the single.

The track ‘HEARTBEAT’ is blended with all the essential elements of world music genre. The single mainly focuses on his exceptional voice texture that is very versatile and perfect for any genre. Artist SIKADIS is very expressive and in this single, he has beautifully connected with the listeners. The music score of this track is very tempting and different kinds of instruments have been used to create the melody.

The single ‘HEARTBEAT’ delivers unconditional emotions and the credibility of course, goes to SIKADIS who has performed the song with feel. His pure voice quality, lyricism and music making skills are what make him a true star today. This rising star has blended world music with both old school and contemporary elements and this is the USP of this single. This track is dedicated to all who are deeply in love and is purely committed to the relationship. The music, the engaging lyrics and most importantly artist SIKADIS style makes the track way more alluring.

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