Artist name:


Music Genre:

Trap, Tropical House

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom

Kurmellow is a South London DJ and Producer who brings a smooth blend of his Caribbean heritage with drum kick and snare to his music. Diversifying sounds from Trap to Tropical House.

His journey started out in 2000 working at a London radio station which gave him the juices he needed to forge his passion for DJ’ing for a variety of clubs in UK.

In 2016 got an email to collaborations Spinnin Records which has him a unique, dynamic and fresh records, to familiar listeners.

Kurmellow is influenced by Major Lazer, Kygo, WCK and the sounds of the calypso. Characteristics of these artists are synonymous with his latest single. Kurmellow has been putting out songs on Spotify and Soundcloud his song No guidance remix has created a buzz on Soundcloud.

Kurmellow uses Musicinfo the greatest streaming service to promote himself in china.

Kurmellow active streaming services in China

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