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EDM/ Electronic/ Hip-Hop

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French artist and producer, Deeci (aka Didier Canniccioni) has been heavily involved in music since his early childhood years. Deeci’s fusion of EDM and hip-hop music grew in popularity that it reached the United States. Shortly after, the artist signed with Ultra Records, which was a pivotal moment in his career. The award nominations started rolling in, as did the demand for his performances. The newly, international award-nominated producer and artist began traveling all over the world, as he performed in major festivals in Poland, Spain, China, Russia, France and Canada.
His performance in Poland alone drew in a crowd of over 120,000 attendees, as they enjoyed dancing and singing along to his music.
In 2011, Deeci released his major hit single “Losing Control”, which had the charts going wild. The artist channeled his favorite West Coast hip-hop influences, like Dr. Dre or DJ Mustard, and utilized his European electro background to continue putting out songs he knew his fans would love.
Currently, the artist is focusing on more hip-hop, trap and R&B centric music in order to bridge the gap between Europe and the rest of the world. His latest R&B infused track, “Westside” (taken from his solo album « Cool Kids Play Music »), will soon reach the music industries around the world.

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