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We keep our database updated to make sure that you can always provide latest content and information to your customers.


To ensure the quality of our data, we aggregate from 30+ different sources and cross-reference everything, always.

Delivery Methods

Our data is delivered through our API. Got something else in mind? Lets talk.


To serve a local demand, you need some local insights. We can provide that for you, internationally, where its applicable.

Language support

Are you searching for music in Cyrillic, Chinese or whatever character set, Musicinfo database has the ability to perform those searches. Try for yourself.

Startups and developers

We provide startups and developers a free solution, with support, for a year. Contact us for more information.


Looking for a custom solution? Lets book a meeting so we can learn more about your special need.

User Service Methods

Musicinfo is the backbone for your music application. We have what it takes to fuel a jukebox, on-demand streaming service, or whatever you have cooking, with music, videos, social data, artist information and about 700 other data properties. Start a trial today.

Our service can recognize different music genres and sub-genres. It can also track down collaboration between artists and bands e.g. a guitar player making an appearance on other band's album.

China Distribution Service

Based on our know-how of the industry, Musicinfo provides the easiest and most efficient digital copyright distribution service for independent musicians and record labels to access 530 million Internet music users in Mainland China.

Besides providing access to Spotify-like streaming service, Musicinfo digital copyright distribution service also has access to playlists-oriented service providers in China, and which has been considering the best way to maximize the music exposure in the digitalizing market.

Musicinfo aim to provide solutions for independent musicians to perform their best in the new China market. With the comprehensive China music market knowledge, as well as networks in China, Musicinfo is fully capable of supporting market enter strategy making and subsequent promotion activities in China.

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