How many people in China listen to music?

Are people in China interested in listening to Western Music?

Do Internet music users in China use services like Spotify and YouTube?

What kind of service providers will my music be distributed to?

How the music service providers in China count the play times?

Can I distribute cover songs?

Will registering with musicinfo stop me from distributing my music on other global streaming apps and sites?

What are the specifications for any album or band images I upload on my profile?

What file format should I use when I upload my songs?

What kind of official identification I need to provide while registering with Musicinfo?

How often can I monitor my music viewing and the revenue generated?

Is there any monthly or album fee I need to pay?

What percentage do I make from my sales?

How can I delete my music from my account?

How many songs can I upload to my profile?

How and when do I get paid for my royalties generated through my music?

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