Musicinfo provides the easiest and most efficient digital copyright distribution service for independent musicians and record labels to access 720 million Internet music users in Mainland China.

We are

Officially incorporated in 2012, Musicinfo started off as a music metadata company founded by a Finnish DJ recently shifting focus to the digital music distribution industry in China. Being the fastest growing digital music market in the world we believe it is imperative that every artist has legal and transparent access to this untapped market having reportedly 650 million music listeners.

We do

Musicinfo provides a professional but extremely straightforward way to share and promote your music to an audience of 650 million listeners in the digital music market in China; with Chinese translation support when it comes to promoting audio and video related content within the Chinese market. With access to the top playlists-oriented streaming services and the most popular video platforms in China, we are here to provide your music the best online exposure in China.

We achieved

Since we started in 2012, we are proud of what we have achieved: San Francisco MusicTech Summit selected Musicinfo as a Notable Startup in 2013. Russian Startup Rating has graded Musicinfo with the 4th highest, BBB rating. Musicinfo Finland was the winner of startup division in Finnish Kasvu Open 2013 competition.

The Facts

Over 5 Million


Over 3500


Over 50%

Growth rate

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