Based on our know-how of the industry, Musicinfo provides the easiest and most efficient digital copyright distribution service for independent musicians and record labels to access 530 million Internet music users in Mainland China.

We are

Musicinfo was founded in 2012 by a DJ who noticed the difficulty in finding great remixes of popular tracks from the internet. As the self-starter he is, he took off and wrote an algorithm to help him in his music discovery. Now that algorithm is fueling to a pretty big pool of music metadata to support your music discovery. We’re a forward thinking and dedicated international team - we are Musicinfo.

We do

Music metadata powers our favorite music services. It is in our best interest to help our partners build better and smarter music services, by setting the standard in metadata. Currently we aggregate (collect & combine), match and enrich data from 30+ different sources: iTunes,, Spotify, Wikipedia, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, 7Digital, YouTube, Soundcloud, and many more. We are not just selling API access, but also helping business customers discover solutions for database issues.

We achieved

Since we started in 2012, we are proud of what we have achieved: San Francisco MusicTech Summit selected Musicinfo as a Notable Startup in 2013. Russian Startup Rating has graded Musicinfo with the 4th highest, BBB rating. Musicinfo Finland was the winner of startup division in Finnish Kasvu Open 2013 competition.

The Database.

Musicinfo has a database that has an ever-increasing amount of datapoints

10 Billion

Data Points

10 Million


>70 Million



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We can help you
make your service better.

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